List of Companies That Pays You to Travel

Several companies and organizations offer Travel opportunities to get paid while traveling.

Here are a few examples:

1. National Geographic

National Geographic hires photographers, writers, and researchers to work on their various projects, including travel-related assignments.

2. Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet occasionally hires writers, editors, and photographers for guidebooks, online content, and other travel-related projects.

3. Travel Channel

Travel Channel produces television shows focused on travel and adventure. They hire hosts, producers, and crew members for their programs.

4. Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb Experiences allows individuals to offer unique tours and activities to travelers. If you have a skill, or expertise, or can offer an exciting experience, you can apply to become a host and get paid for hosting travelers.

5. Cruise Lines

Cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Line, and Norwegian Cruise Line hire staff for various positions, including entertainment, hospitality, and customer service. Working on a cruise ship allows you to travel to different destinations while getting paid.

6. Tour Operators

Many tour operators around the world hire tour guides and travel experts to lead groups on organized tours.

Research tour operators that operate in your desired destinations and inquire about job opportunities.

7. International Schools

International schools often hire teachers, administrators, and support staff from different countries.

If you have teaching qualifications and experience, you can explore opportunities to work in international schools, which may provide a chance to travel.

8. Conservation Organizations

Conservation organizations like World Wildlife Fund (WWF) or the Nature Conservancy sometimes have positions available for researchers, field assistants, and conservationists in different locations, allowing you to work and travel simultaneously.

9. Volunteer Programs

Some volunteer programs, such as the Peace Corps or various NGOs, offer opportunities to contribute to meaningful projects worldwide.

While you may not receive monetary compensation, these programs often cover your expenses and provide living allowances.

10. Travel Writing and Photography

Many publications and media outlets hire writers and photographers on a freelance basis. You can pitch your journey stories or submit your photographs to magazines, newspapers, websites, and online publications.

Remember that landing positions with these companies or organizations often require specific qualifications, skills, and experience.

Researching and applying directly to the organizations you are interested in and reviewing their specific job requirements and application processes is essential.

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