List of 11 President Ruto Cabinet nominees

President William Ruto has nominated the first batch of 11 individuals to the Cabinet as the process of forming a new broad-based government gets underway. In a press briefing Friday, the President said consultations are ongoing after which he will announce more names. “I have started the process of forming a new, broad-based cabinet to … Read more

Meet Rebecca Miano set to become Kenya’s Attorney General

Rebecca Miano

Former Cabinet Secretary has made a comeback to President William Ruto as Attorney-General nominee. Rebecca Miano will be replacing Justin Muturi, who served as Ruto’s first Attorney General. Before her nomination, Rebecca Miano was Investments, Trade & Industry since October 2023 and was sacked effective July 11, 2024. Before serving at the Ministry of Investments, Trade … Read more

How to Stop All Safaricom Promotional Messages

Safaricom Promotional Messages

Promotional messages can be disruptive, especially when arriving at inconvenient times (or any time). More concerning is that some of these messages may activate unwanted services that deduct from your airtime without your explicit consent. By opting out, you declutter your inbox and protect your account balance. How to Stop Promotional Messages on Safaricom Are … Read more

How to Update Your Kenya Power Meter Token

Kenya Power Meter Token

Kenya Power has mandated that all prepaid meters be updated to prevent disruption in the acceptance of tokens. The update targets 7.4 million prepaid meters across the country. The process is straightforward, free of charge, and must be completed before the deadline, August 31. Failure to update will result in the meter not accepting any … Read more

National Defence University Courses Offered

National Defence University Courses Offered

The National Defence University is one of a kind. There is no other of its caliber in East Africa. The institution is located in Lanet, Nakuru. It was established in 1992. It offers courses related to military Defence and security studies. Likewise, it offers higher education to General Service Unit officers of Kenya and across … Read more

Meet Peter Kuguru, Softa Soda Owner

Peter Kuguru

Peter Kuguru founded Kuguru Food Complex Limited, a top beverage manufacturer. He went on to have different subsidiaries including Softa Bottling Company, Caterers Milling Sanitary Pads and Diapers International, and Just Real Estate. KFCL is a family business founded by the family patriarch, Peter Kuguru. In 1988, Kuguru and his wife built up the company for … Read more

Meet Richest Miraa Farmer who owns 12 Private Jets

Meet Richest Miraa Farmer who owns 12 Private Jets

Kenya has many well-off individuals who drive very good-quality vehicles and planes. Nonetheless, a few go overboard on the extravagances of claiming personal luxury planes. The rundown of a rare sort of people who rule the skies with their own planes incorporates business masters, legislators, corporate chiefs, and certain individuals from abroad. Presently, let’s investigate … Read more

Meet Ferdinand Omanyala’s wife Laventa Amutavi

Laventa Amutavi

Sprinter Ferdinand Omanyala and his wife, Laventa Amutavi, stand out as one of Kenya’s most admirable couples, setting relationship goals for many. Their journey, from meeting in the athletics arena to becoming parents and partners in both life and sport, is a testament to their enduring love and mutual support. How Laventa Amutavi met with … Read more

Meet Edwin Sifuna Beautiful Wife

Meet Edwin Sifuna Beautiful Wife

Edwin Sifuna is a vocal leader under the Orange Democratic Movement Party and the current senator of Nairobi County. Sifuna unlike many politicians has chosen to keep his wife away from the limelight and the only time they were together in public was in 2022 after he clinched the senatorial seat when receiving a certificate … Read more

Highest-Paid Kenyan CEOs in 2024, Their Salaries and Bonuses

Highest-Paid Kenyan CEOs

Among the top earners Kenyan CEOs are the Co-operative Bank managing director Gideon Muriuki, Equity boss James Mwangi, Safaricom’s Peter Ndegwa, and Centum’s James Mworia. Among those topping the charts are CEOs from different sectors, including banking, telecommunications, and real estate. Highest-paid Kenyan CEOs 1. Gideon Muriuki – Co-op Bank Gideon Muriuki is the group … Read more

How can I build a 2-bedroom House Without Taking a loan for a Salary of Ksh 27,000?

How can I build a 2-Bedroom House Without Taking a loan for a Salary of Ksh 27,000

Firstly, it’s important to understand the factors which will determine the cost build a 2-bedroom House, such as: Having understood these factors, there are three ways you can build your dream house without taking a loan: Start with Savings If you are employed permanently, your best recourse would be to calculate your monthly expenditure, and … Read more

President William Ruto Cars collection

President William Ruto Car collection

William Ruto Cars: Kenya’s President William Ruto is a man who has intimate knowledge of luxurious goods including jewelry, shoes, clothes, and vehicles. He has been spotted with watches costing millions of shillings, shoes worth hundreds of thousands, and top-brand clothing from world-renowned fashion houses. So vast is his wealth that an opposition leader once … Read more

Meet David Samoei, William Ruto’s Little Known Brother and What He Does For a Living

David Samoei

David Samoei, who is Ruto’s blood brother tells his story. A story of hope and a story of champion. David’s road to prominence as a philanthropist, businessman, and master’s graduate from Capella University, USA began with a challenge some childhood that did not spare even his other 5 siblings DP Ruto included. He was born … Read more

Meet David Mutiso – Chief Architect who Designed KICC

David Mutiso

Born on 10th July 1932, David Mutiso attended several primary schools in Manyatta and Mwala before joining Alliance High School between 1949 and 1952. Kenya’s first African Chief Architect David Mutiso is the brain behind the Iconic Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC). In a past interview, David Mutiso said his interest in architecture developed by … Read more

G4S Security Guards Salary Responsibilities & Recruitment

G4S Security Guards Salary Responsibilities & Recruitment

G4S security guards focus on delivering high-standard security services to customers on six continents, including Kenya. As a Security Guard working for G4S, you have a crucial responsibility to protect the people and assets of your clients. In this article, we will discuss the responsibilities, recruitment, and salary of G4S Security Guards. G4S Security Guards … Read more

Multi-billion Hilton Hotel in Nairobi Is On Sale

Multi-billion Hilton Hotel in Nairobi On Sale

The famous former Hilton Hotel is owned by International Hotels (Kenya) Limited, and the company has extended an invitation to interested parties to purchase a 59.42 percent interest in the property. The Kenya Development Corporation (KDC), which is the custodian of State shares in hotels and lodges, valued the government’s stake in the hotel at … Read more