Convert Bonga Points to Cash via Mpesa

Convert Bonga Points to Cash via Mpesa

Have you ever wished there was a way to turn your loyalty rewards into tangible cash? Well, your wish has come true! Thanks to innovative systems like Waridi by Brainverse, you can now convert your Bonga Points to cash via Mpesa Cash. It’s time to unlock the full potential of your loyalty rewards and enjoy … Read more

What Happens If You Go On The Dark Web?

If You Go On The Dark Web

Accessing the dark web exposes you to a different part of the internet that contains various types of websites and content. While there are legitimate and legal websites on the web, it is infamous for hosting illegal activities, such as drug trafficking, hacking forums, illegal pornography, and other illicit marketplaces. It’s important to understand that … Read more

How To Check My Faiba Number Online

My Faiba Number Online

To check your Faiba number online, you can follow these steps: MUST READ: PLACES WHERE TO BUY FAIBA SIM CARDS If you are unable to find your Faiba number in the account details or profile section of the Faiba Selfcare portal, you can try the following alternative methods: If you still cannot find your Faiba … Read more

How To Check Faiba Mifi Bundles Balance

Faiba Mifi Bundle

Faiba MiFi bundles are data plans offered by Faiba, a telecommunications company in Kenya. These bundles are specifically designed for use with Faiba MiFi devices, which provide portable and wireless internet connectivity. Faiba MiFi bundles allow you to access the internet using your Faiba MiFi device, which acts as a mobile hotspot. These bundles typically … Read more

Faiba Modem Wifi Router Price In Kenya

Faiba Modem Wifi Router Price In Kenya

Faiba modem is a term commonly used to refer to the 4G LTE modems provided by Faiba, a telecommunications company based in Kenya. Faiba is known for offering high-speed internet connectivity to both residential and business customers. Faiba modems are designed to work specifically with Faiba’s network and provide users with fast and reliable internet … Read more

How to pay Netflix with PayPal in Kenya

How to pay Netflix with PayPal in Kenya

Yes, you can pay Netflix with PayPal as a payment method. To set up PayPal as your payment option for Netflix, follow these steps: Netflix subscribers in Kenya have to pay subscription charges for their preferred packages. The packages include; Mobile package for Ksh 200 monthly, Basic Package for Kshs 300 monthly, Standard Package for … Read more

Meet Linda Yaccarino The New Twitter CEO 

Linda Yaccarino

Twitter has announced a new CEO, Linda Yaccarino. Yaccarino is a long-time advertising executive who most recently served as chairman of global advertising and partnerships at NBCUniversal.   This news comes soon after Musk indicated he is stepping down from the role.  Linda Yaccarino will focus primarily on business operations. Meanwhile, Elon Musk will continue working on product design, and … Read more

Exploring the Vibrant World of Magazine Publishers in Kenya

Top Magazine Publishers In Kenya

Magazine publishing plays a significant role in the media landscape of Kenya, catering to a diverse range of interests and providing valuable information, entertainment, and insights to readers. With a vibrant publishing industry, Kenya boasts several prominent magazine publishers that cover various topics such as news, business, lifestyle, fashion, travel, parenting, health, and more. Two … Read more

How To Pay GOtv Via GOtv PayBill Number

GOtv PayBill Number

The GOtv PayBill number in Kenya is 423655. This PayBill number is used to make payments for your GOtv subscription using M-PESA or Airtel Money. GOtv Kenya customers can easily pay for their monthly subscriptions using the GOtv Paybill number. If you are already registered for the Safaricom M-pesa account, then you are able to make … Read more

GOtv Max Channels TV, and Prices 2023

GOtv Max Channels TV, and Prices 2023

They have a total of 5 packages available, each with a different set of channels and varying levels of quality. The prices for these packages range from 199 Kenya shillings to 1,599 Kenya shillings, making them accessible to a wide range of customers. GOtv Kenya has recently introduced an HD decoder with an HDMI output, … Read more

Gotv Kenya Customer Care Number

Gotv Kenya Customer Care Number

GOtv is one of the most renowned set-top boxes among households in Kenya. Their decoders are some of the best and most reliable regarding network reception and an array of entertainment channels. Even so, Gotv Kenya customer care has one of the poorest PR strategies I have seen. They will take hours, if not days, … Read more

Top 10 Dedicated Server Hosting In Kenya

Dedicated Server Hosting

Kenya has a growing demand for dedicated server hosting services, with many businesses and organizations looking to establish an online presence. In this article, we will highlight the top 10 dedicated server hosting providers in Kenya, based on factors such as reliability, performance, and customer support. Safaricom is the largest telecommunications company in Kenya, offering … Read more

Top 15 best Email hosting services In Kenya

Top 10 best Email hosting services In Kenya

Email hosting services are essential for individuals and businesses that want a professional email address with their own domain name. In Kenya, there are several email hosting services that offer a variety of features and pricing plans. Here are the top 10 email hosting services in Kenya: 1. Google Workspace Google Workspace is a popular … Read more

26 Best Xxvi Video Player Apps – Download Mp3 Songs

26 Xxvi Video Player Apps Download Mp3 Songs

A video player app is software that allows users to play and view videos on their devices. There are many video player apps available for free download on various app stores, such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store. These apps vary in terms of features, user interface, and compatibility with different video file … Read more