Top 3 Phone Location Trackers Using Google Maps

Almost all spyware tools have a GPS tracking feature compatible with Google Maps. However, the accuracy, duration, and the tracking method define the quality. Some apps require a short download or set-up process and hide themselves in the phone’s operating system. At the same time, others use a link-attached message to retrieve the location data of the phone holder.

Top 3 Phone Location Trackers Using Google Maps

Here are the best 3 hidden location trackers that will address your needs and help you find what you are looking for.

Mobile Tracker Free

Do you want to find someone’s location on Google Maps without spending a lot of money? The Mobile Tracker Free is what you need. It offers a free basic plan that provides an accurate GPS tracking service for Android devices all around the world.

There is a quick download button and a live chat icon on the official website, and users can get the set-up manual for $1. Visit today, create your account, and start discreet and remote Google Maps cellphone tracking in minutes.


GEOfinder is a phone number tracker that uses a tracking link to locate a mobile device on the Maps. It allows users to create a custom message with interesting content, and once the receiver clicks on the link in it, the GPS tracking starts.

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The app website has a clear screen design, and users can find what they are looking for easily. The website works well all around the world and helps you track someone using Google Maps without them knowing. It is highly functional and offers a simple but effective geolocation service.


Phonyspy is an efficient Android and iOS mobile tracker on Google Maps. It monitors call logs, text messages, and website activities in stealth mode and scans mailbox, calendar notes, and gallery without being detected.

For a sneak peek, you can have a glance at the free demo they offer and investigate the comprehensive cell phone spying features of the app in detail. The simple but compact user interface enhances user experience, and valid data imports and spyware results back up the app’s quality.

Reasons to Track Someone’s Phone Number on Google Maps

Modern use of technology urges couples to dig into their partner’s hidden life behind the screens. Families, on the other hand, worry about the online safety of their loved ones. Employers strive to keep track of their employees and their whereabouts. This or that way, today, using a trustworthy location tracker is the best way to ease your stress and clear the clouds.

A Short Guide for Third-Party Apps

If you wonder how to use a spy app properly, here are some tips we prepared for you:

  • Do Some Research. Learn the main features of the spyware tool first and invest money accordingly. Comprehensive monitoring apps such as Mobile Tracker Free and Phonyspy offer you a deeper investigation. GEOfinder, on the other hand, provides you with real-time GPS data with a single phone number.
  • Check the Reliability. Make sure the monitoring app you want to use is legal and bound to legal regulations. Both for the safety of your data and the privacy of the spying act, using legitimate location trackers is of great importance.
  • Try Demo Versions and Free Trials. Demo versions of the apps are a good opportunity to fully understand the overall spying quality and performance of the phone tracker. Plus, free trials or special offers give you the chance to test the features of the tracker for valid location and data monitoring.

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