Meet The Man Who Owns ENA Coach Bus Company

ENA stands for Evans Nyagaka Anyona (ENA Coach Bus). Evans stands as a testament to the power of hard work and resilience. The visionary entrepreneur is the owner of ENA Coach Bus Company, boasting a fleet of over 70 buses and co-owning Transine Classic. His remarkable journey has seen him employ over 300 individuals from various corners of Kenya.

Born and raised in Kisii County, Evans Nyagaka Anyona’s life story serves as an inspiration for those facing challenges in their educational pursuits.

Despite encountering numerous obstacles along his educational journey, he persevered and overcame them, ultimately becoming a successful entrepreneur.

ENA Coach Bus Company, under Evans’s leadership, operates across different routes in Kenya, providing transportation services to numerous individuals.

His commitment to hard work and working smart has propelled him to achieve significant milestones in the business world.

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The entrepreneur’s success story serves as a beacon of inspiration for those facing adversity and contemplating giving up. Evans Nyagaka Anyona’s dedication and resilience are qualities that resonate with individuals striving to make their mark in the world of business.

As this news story circulates online, it sheds light on the achievements of Evans Nyagaka Anyona and emphasizes the importance of determination and perseverance in the face of challenges.

His impact, not only in the business sector but also as a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, contributes to the broader narrative of success against all odds.

Evans has contributed to the growth of the transport industry in Kenya and not only in Kisii county where he comes from as many assume.

Meet The Man Who Owns ENA Coach Bus Company

Evans Nyagaka Anyona Founding Transline Classic

Under his uncle’s guidance, in 2002, Anyona purchased his first pickup truck for his business, a Mitsubishi. He modified it to a ‘seven aside’ matatu.

With the business flourishing, Evans Anyona bought 3 more ‘face-me’ pickups. Thereafter, he transitioned to the modern Nissan and Toyota models.

Anyona started to become a visionary for the transport industry. In 2005, he partnered with 2 close friends and they established Transline Ltd. They were James Bichange and Haron Kamau.

The newly formed company secured their first three buses by obtaining a loan from Equity Bank. Evans Anyona’s business empire boomed. His business partners contributed matatus that they operated as a unit.

In 2010, the luxurious Transline Classic separated from its parent company, Transline. In the same year, the company bought their first 11-seater shuttle.

As of 2012, the company had expanded significantly, with 24 buses serving the coastal and lake regions.

Within months, Transline Classic Sacco had attracted more investors who added more Transline Classic buses to the fleet, filling them to capacity in no time.

The loans secured from Equity Bank were also helpful in the branding process. Stanbic Asset Finance solution also played a huge role.

Establishing ENA Coach

In a recent interview with KTN Home Television, Richard Mogire – CEO of ENA Coach,  revealed that ENA Investment Limited was under Transline Classic between 2008 and 2018.

In 2018, ENA Coaches split to become a separate entity chaired by Evans Nyagaka Anyona. He is still the major stakeholder in the company.

Ena Coach places a high value on providing exceptional service to its customers while also giving them a luxurious experience as a reward.

In essence, the vision of Ena Coach includes classy services and premium customer service.

Due to his significant role in the Kisii transportation business, Evans Anyona holds major shares in many of the matatu Saccos in the area.

Transline Classic has a fleet of over 80 buses and 11-seater shuttles.

They come equipped with various features such as television services, free Wi-Fi, a music system, charging ports on every seat, air conditioning, and adjustable seats.

ENA Coach Routes

As mentioned earlier, Nyagaka envisioned his vehicle fleet traversing long-distance routes. Here is a list of all routes that the vehicles travel to:

  1. Nairobi to Kisii
  2. Nairobi to Kisumu
  3. Nairobi to Busia
  4. Nairobi to Bungoma
  5. Nairobi to Kakamega
  6. Kisii to Migori
  7. Nairobi to Eldoret
  8. Nairobi to Kitale
  9. Nairobi to Mombasa

Fare prices range from Sh. 800 and Sh. 1000. However, during peak seasons, prices can increase to between Sh. 1500 and Sh. 2000.

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