Deputy Governor Salary in Kenya

Deputy Governor Salary in Kenya

This is the second-highest-ranking official in the County government. The Deputy Governor is elected on a ticket with the Governor for a five-year term. Official duties of a deputy governor in Kenya are to serve as Principal Deputy to the Governor, serve as Acting Governor in the absence of the Governor from the County or the disability … Read more

8 Key Functions Of Deputy Governor In Kenya

Deputy Governor In Kenya

In Kenya, the role of the Deputy Governor is an important one, with specific functions and responsibilities. This article will discuss the various functions of Deputy Governor in Kenya in detail, highlighting the importance of this position in the country’s political landscape. 1. Assisting the Governor: The primary role of a Deputy Governor in Kenya … Read more

Deputy Governor Impeachment Procedure Act In Kenya

Deputy Governor Impeachment

A Deputy Governor is a public official who serves as the second in command to the Governor in a county government in Kenya. The position of DG was created by the Constitution of Kenya in 2010, which established a new system of devolved government with 47 counties. The Deputy Governor is elected alongside the Governor … Read more