Organizational Structure Of County Government In Kenya

Organizational Structure Of County Government In Kenya

The organizational structure of county government in Kenya plays a vital role in the effective governance and administration of the country. With the implementation of devolution in 2013, Kenya transitioned from a centralized government system to a decentralized one, granting significant powers and resources to 47 county governments. In this article, we will delve into … Read more

County Assembly Clerk – Functions, Qualification, and Salary

County Assembly Clerk

A County Assembly Clerk is a professional who manages the administrative and procedural functions of a county assembly. They are responsible for ensuring that the county assembly runs smoothly and efficiently and that all of the necessary procedures and processes are followed. The County Assembly Clerk is responsible for a wide range of duties, including … Read more

10 Functions Of County Assembly In Kenya

Functions Of County Assembly

The County Assembly is a legislative arm of the County Government in Kenya. It is an important institution that is responsible for passing laws and policies that affect the people living in the county. The County Assembly’s key functions 1. Legislation The County Assembly is responsible for making laws that govern the county. The Assembly … Read more