Zimele ChamaManager. A free platform to manage your chama

The ChamaManager platform is anchored on the Zimele Savings Plan, licensed and regulated by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA). It offers groups a digital platform for administrating and coordinating their finances regardless of their savings and investment goals.

Any type of group/collective can open a Zimele Savings Plan account and manage it on the platform. Once the account is opened, members can send money to their account via M-Pesa or Bank. The signatories can initiate withdrawals to members or third parties (such as suppliers when the group makes a purchase or investment).

ChamaManager supports group members to remotely keep track of their contributions and disbursements. They can view their individual and group statements of deposits. Signatories also can remotely transact and manage membership.

The Zimele Savings Plan is flexible allowing the group/collective to operate on its own rules and terms.

How to Start

  • One signatory will register the group and the signatories on the platform.
  • The Group’s Zimele Savings Plan account number will be sent to the signatory.
  • The signatories can now access the platform and register the other members
  • Members can then begin depositing and viewing their Group’s activities.


  • Group Details (Name and primary contact details)
  • Signatory Details (Full Names, ID Number, copy of ID, Passport size photo, phone number, and email address)
  • Members Details (Full Names, ID Number, email address, & Phone Number)


  • The platform is operated by Zimele Unit Trust. The standard Unit Trust charges apply. There is no extra cost for joining the platform.
  • The platform is available to members of the Zimele Unit Trust.
  • All third-party costs such as mobile money fees, bank charges, SMS, etc. are borne by the group and its members.

Chamas typically collect money from members regularly and then invest or distribute that money to members. This makes the Zimele ChamaManager ideal for them. For Chamas collecting money for investment, they can earn interest while they build up their capital. Some even consider the Zimele Savings Plan an investment in itself due to the attractive returns. For those collecting money to be distributed back to the member at a later date through a merry-go-round, loans/table-banking, or after a certain period, the platform offers them ease of administration in addition to earning interest.

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