What is a YouTube Thumbnail?

YouTube Thumbnail

TweetShareSharePin77 Shares Thumbnail has special significance in SEO (Video SEO). Because a thumbnail is the part of the video that the viewer first sees. In such a situation, it is very important for Thumbnail to be attractive. If Thumbnail is Attractive then the viewer will definitely click on it. But the question is how to make an Attractive Thumbnail? And which thumbnail to choose for which video? Because thumbnails also have different types. In such a situation, there is a dilemma in the mind that how to choose the right…

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Henry Desagu Ranked Among Top YouTubers in Africa, see the Big Amount he Earns a Month

Henry Desagu

TweetShare213SharePin213 Shares Henry Desagu is popularly known in Kenya for the funny videos he is always making. His real name is Ithagu Kibicho, he has always won the hearts of many for managing to continually put a hearty smile on their faces. He rose to instant fame a few years ago when his name was synonymous with fighting sponsors and advocating for the rights of Team Mafisi. He is also known to take up the role of the common mwananchi in addressing their issues. He draws his inspirations from the…

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How to Block YouTube Ads on Android TV Forever.

Android TV

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares YouTube ads on Android TV have always been here, and they help the platform make money, which is also extended to creators. However, there are instances where the ads become too much, and this is something all of us can agree about. The situation is even worse for Android TV. This is the case because in other devices, say computers or smartphones, users can employ effortless ways to get rid of them. For Android phones, for instance, you can download an ad blocker, or choose to install YouTube…

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