Bad News For All Governors As Matiangi Issues a Series of New Directive.


TweetShareSharePin22 Shares Photo courtesy ( Interior Cs Fred Matiangi) Governors have been at the forefront in the fight against covid19 with some even going ahead to close county borders. The interior CS Matiangi now says that no Governor has the authority to restrict movement in their county. Matiangi speaking to the National Assembly Delegated committee said that only the National security council had the power to partially lockdown counties and restrict movement of people. He further clarified saying that the other person with the same authority as president. He later…

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The Cabinet Secretary to Silences Cs Matiangi’s 2022 Presidential Bid.

The Cabinet Secretary to Silences Cs Matiangi's 2022 Presidential Bid. 1

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares Mutahi Kagwe is redefining the way Jubilee government Cabinet Secretaries work. A firm, logical and seemingly wise CS has been steering the country’s response to the Corona Virus crisis. His leadership style is proving popular even with government critics. This has however seen an unpopular popular CS relegated to the back seat. Kagwe, a seasoned politician from the Kibaki era, has however diver into stormy waters with some of the more abrasive Cabinet Secretaries. It would seem Kagwe is the new darling of State House and the Corona crisis…

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So, Fred Matiangi will never learn. He’s truly hungry for Power.


TweetShareSharePin0 Shares Since the day Moi passed on, Dr. Matiangi has been trying to show that he’s the one in charge in the absence of Kamwana. Thank heavens, he was today put in his place in parliament and forced to swallow a humble pie. He thought to be a CS for Interior you can just decide to cheat your way through State Protocol. ( Well he wanted to create the narrative that he’s powerful than DP Ruto) The President and The First Lady walked in to view Moi’s Body. The…

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