How can I build a 2-bedroom House Without Taking a loan for a Salary of Ksh 27,000?

How can I build a 2-Bedroom House Without Taking a loan for a Salary of Ksh 27,000

Firstly, it’s important to understand the factors which will determine the cost build a 2-bedroom House, such as: Having understood these factors, there are three ways you can build your dream house without taking a loan: Start with Savings If you are employed permanently, your best recourse would be to calculate your monthly expenditure, and … Read more

Copia Kenya Review – Products And Prices Kenya

Copia Kenya Review

Copia is an online shopping platform that was launched in Kenya in 2013. The platform is designed to connect rural consumers with affordable products and services that are not readily available in their localities. Since its launch, Copia has become a popular online shopping destination in Kenya, especially among rural consumers who previously had limited … Read more