How To Withdraw Money From Lipa Na M-Pesa

Safaricom offered two primary “Lipa Na M-Pesa” options for its customers in Kenya. Lipa Na M-PESA, offered by Safaricom, has become a trustworthy choice for settling bills, purchasing products and services, and even banking.

This is thanks to the feature that permits the direct transfer of money to your bank account from M-PESA.

The two main “Lipa Na M-Pesa” options were:

1. Buy Goods and Services

The “Buy Goods and Services” option allows Safaricom customers to pay for goods and services at registered merchants using their M-Pesa account.

This option is commonly used at retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants, online shops, and other businesses that accept M-Pesa payments. To use this option, customers need to follow these steps:

2. Pay Bill

The “Pay Bill” option allows Safaricom customers to pay bills for various services, such as utilities, insurance premiums, school fees, and other bills using their M-Pesa account.

Many businesses, organizations, and institutions have registered with Safaricom to receive payments through this method. To use this option, customers need to follow these steps:

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Withdrawing Using to Safaricom Code

  1. Go to your Lipa Na Mpesa Safaricom Number that you were given by Safaricom
  2. Dial *234#
  3. Select Merchant Services
  4. Under Merchant Services
  5. For the Till number, go to Withdraw cash to my number and Then Enter the store number  (nominated phone number) then proceed to the last step.
  6. For Lipa na Mpesa Paybill, got to Withdraw to Bank
  7. Then Enter HO Number (HO is Number your Paybill Number)
  8. Select whether you want to withdraw all amount or some
  9. Then click Enter to complete

NOTE: If you selected bank payment you should check your account for payment if you selected phone number  Payment you should have received a Mpesa message.

Withdrawing Using Safaricom App

Open the Safaricom App on your phone,

  • Select M-PESA
  •  Go to Lipa na M-PESA
  •   Select Pay Bill (In case you’ve saved the Pay Bill number in your contacts, select ‘Search SIM Contacts Choose the saved number then) Press OK.
  • Otherwise, select ‘Enter business number’, enter the business number, and press OK.


How to withdraw Lipa na Mpesa money to your bank

In case you want to transfer money to your bank account, simply follow the following steps:

Open the Safaricom App on your phone,

  1. Select M-PESA
  2. Go to Loans and savings
  3. Select KCB M-PESA
  4. Select Deposit from M-PESA
  5. Enter the amount of money you want to deposit
  6. Enter your M-PESA Pin, then press OK
  7. Accept the prompt by Safaricom to execute your request.

Mobile banking is one of the most efficient ways to control your money. Embrace M-PESA today for an enjoyable lifestyle!

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