How To Build a House With a Budget Below KES 300000.

Well, I recently discovered that you are now handled depending on the appearance of your residence. Meeting someone who lives in a beautiful mansion in town but has never gone back home because he has no place to sleep can be upsetting. Let look on where to start building a house with a budget below KES 300000.

To completely avoid such embarrassment, I have a wonderful proposal for you: a basic modern house that will not cost you a fortune but will command greater respect.

You can construct a single bedroom, a sitting room, and a kitchen for less than KES 300000. Take a pen and paper and follow along as I go over the computations with you.

From the Foundation to the Lintel.

  • It will cost you 25 thousand shillings for bricks (2300 blocks).
  • You need 2,500 shillings to purchase stones for the foundation.
  • You need 4 tonnes of sand ballast, which will cost 5,400 shillings.
  • Sand, 5 tonnes will cost you Ksh 6,000.
  • 4 rolls of wallpaper will cost Ksh 3,000.
  • Black TBC paper, 4 meters long, will cost Ksh 1,000.
  • You need 22 bags of cement, which will cost Ksh 5,000.
  • Steel type T8 at each ksh 450 for 12 pieces will cost ksh 6,000.
  • Steel type R6 at ksh 200 each for 10 pieces will cost ksh 2,000.
  • Labor requirements will cost 30k.

You could have used a total of ksh 96,000 from the foundation to the lintels.

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Roofing Requirements.

  • The timber is estimated to cost Ksh 40,000.
  • Roofing sheets and nails are estimated to cost Ksh 40,000.
  • Labor will cost Ksh 20,000.

The total roofing requirements will cost Ksh 100,000.


  • You need 45 bags of cement, which will cost Ksh 30,000.
  • Ventilators, 1 for each window, will cost Ksh 3,000.
  • 6 window grills are needed, which will cost Ksh 12,000.
  • A ceiling that is star-designed requires 20 pieces, which will cost Ksh 14,000.
  • Window panes are estimated to cost Ksh 10,000.

A total of Ksh 69,000 is required for finishing, or an estimate of Ksh 70,000.

A total of ksh270,000 will be used for the foundation, roofing and finishing.

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