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What you need to Know about Land Surveying

What you need to Know about Land Surveying

Land surveying is finding out or simply surveying on details about your property. This is from knowing the boundaries of your property because you can now sell or develop your property.

A land survey is one of the tools that is used to determine the exact location and boundary of your property.

Importance of land surveying

Construction authorizations and lending necessitate a great deal of knowledge.  Lack of knowledge of your assets can consequence in arguments and conflicts which is not pleasing at all.

It’s impossible to solve land disputes when you don’t know where the boundary of your property is. A land survey is so much more than just finding the exact margin of your property.

Surveys have utilized the presence of modern expertise for instance making use of global positioning systems and satellites, in consort with mathematics to calculate the boundary lines for maps. These calculations provide adequate information about the well-known margins and terrains of your land to you and your surveyor.

It also allows to know more about the land zoning necessities, allowed uses of the land, intersections, and other planning documents.

Reasons for land surveying

  1. Knowing  the boundary  of the property for flexibility of utilizing the property and to have peace of mind
  2. Meeting mortgage necessities avoid boundary disputes among the neighboring property owners.
  3. Easy accessibility of your property whenever it is needed.
  4. Investing in your property becomes much easier or doing construction
  5. Utilizing the available piece of property as you need.

Ways of land surveying

There are many types of land surveys. The method of surveying would depend on the reason why you need it. Professional surveyors will serve your needs be it locating the property line or division of land or any other.

1. Topographical survey

Whenever you are in need of identifying man-made or natural features within your property, it is prudent to get a topographical surveyor for your needs. With the help of modern technology, topographical surveyors can help give you accurate surveys and architectural design phases for planning

2. 3D laser scanning

This is a method of capturing data in 3D and is extremely accurate. It is normally used for various purposes including inspection of construction, As-built survey, preplanning of events, engineering, archaeology, and many others.

3. GPR survey

This is the type of survey is used for underground variation at the worksite. It is used in identifying metallic and non-metallic subsurface substances. Consequently, tracing utilities such as gas, water, fiber-optic become much simpler.

A land survey will document the lines and the features of your property exactly what your property consists of.  

With short of appropriate documentation, the workers cannot start the construction process and the banks will have no idea what it is leading on.

This clearly shows that a land survey should be up to date and should consist of all the new improvements or property features

In conclusion, it is important to have a better understanding of land surveying and know how it can be beneficial

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