KK Security Recruitment Requirements in Kenya

Kenya Kazi Services LTD (KK Security) which was founded in 1967. It was later acquired by Garda World Company in 2016, a privately owned security company.

KK Security’s headquarters are in Nairobi.

With over 50 years in the industry, the company has stretched its reach to other parts too, and currently operates in 15 other African countries, with a global reach of up to 21 countries outside of Africa.

The company envisions becoming the leading provider of security solutions in East Africa.

This rapidly growing company consists of over 25,000 employees across the continent, a number that increases every year.

The working experience is amazing, not just because of the training offered, but also mentorship into career growth.

Well-performing staff who give their all to deliver the best services are constantly honored in the Garda World Values Award, pushing each team member to be the best they can be.

Unlike most companies, KK Security celebrates its retired staff members, recognizing their dedication to the company and awarding them for their service.

KK is a good company to work for indeed.

Interested in joining the KK team? Here is a list of vacancies you can apply for at any given time.

Available Vacancies

  • Security Officer
  • Security supervisor
  • Security guard
  • Caterer
  • Security manager
  • CCTV controller
  • K9 handler

KK Security Recruitment Requirements

The following are key requirements for joining KK Security:

  • At least a minimum of a high school diploma
  • Height: female 5’5″ and male 5’7″
  • Be at least 23 years of age
  • Certificate of Good Conduct
  • Reference letter from three guarantors
  • National Identification card
  • Reference letter from your local chief
  • Recommendation letter from your previous employer
  • Be physically and mentally fit
  • Be in a good state of health and ready for physical drills

KK Security Salary

The table below shows the average salary of KK security employees.

Security OfficerKsh 24,000-32,000
Security supervisorKsh 40,000-45,000
Security guardKsh 18,000-23,000
CatererKsh 30,000-35,000
Security managerKsh 116,000-230,000
CCTV controllerKsh 20,000-36,000
K9/dog handlerKsh 25,000-40,000

Other Benefits

  • KK provides free medical checkups for all its employees to ensure their competence at work.
  • The staff enjoys team-building outings and activities.
  • The company also offers job training and mentorship to both recruits and continuing staff.

KK Training

KK offers training to its employees depending on the role about the job description.

Basic guard training targets untrained guards and their supervisors. The 10-day training aims to equip the guards with skills to help them assess and mitigate security threats.

They are trained in communication, surveillance detection, static guarding, and patrolling techniques, among many more. These skills also keep them up to date with developments in the security sector.

The Guard Supervisor course targets trained guards, security officers, security managers, and untrained guard supervisors. This 5-day training mainly instills leadership qualities and management skills in individuals seeking supervisory roles.

Close protection training is meant for bodyguards, police officers, security officers, and managers. The program takes 5 days and aims to improve the thinking ability during challenging scenarios, such as kidnapping and ransom demands, as well as close protection for clients put at risk by their social and employment statuses.

Hospitality, event security, and crowd control programs train individuals on skills required to maintain sanity and order when managing big crowds. By the end of the 5-day training period, you will have acquired skills such as communication, teamwork, customer care, conflict management, and many more.

All these programs ensure that you are fully ready to handle whatever scenarios you might encounter while performing your duties.

How to Apply for KK Security

  • Visit the KK Security official webpage.
  • Select the “Careers” tab.
  • Fill out the form on the careers page, upload your CV, and submit it to see the available vacancies.
  • Navigate through the list and select the position suitable for you.

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