Best 10 Chrome Extensions

What makes Chrome so attractive for me is the extensions that truly help me get things done.

With all my sincerity, when getting things done through the chrome browser, I sometimes take my time and appreciate all the help that I get from some of these extensions that I see as divine powers given to me. 

As a content writer, when thinking about my job, there are some extensions that make it ten times easier for me to write efficiently. They not only help improve my efficiency but also help me refrain from any possible mistakes.

Now, I know that most of you already have your favorite extensions for good reasons but in this article, I tried to pick those that help improve your efficiency in the best way.

Here are the Top 10 Chrome Extensions to Improve Efficiency:

1- Toggl

Toggl is a great tool to help you track the time that you spend on the web. It is very easy to use and by helping you to easily keep track of the time that you spend on a task, it also helps you better schedule your tasks.

If you don’t know how much time you spend on one thing, it can get very hard for you to figure out how efficient you are and how much more efficient you can be.

This is why a time tracker is essential to improve your efficiency for you!

2- Grammarly

After putting Toggl in the number one position due to the idea that timing is very important for efficiency, I believe that Grammarly is another great extension for various reasons.

And no, I didn’t choose it just because I am a content writer.

In the age of the internet, communication has taken many different forms. Recently, in the aftermath of Covid-19 two of the most preferred ways of communication have been either callings or messages and emails. 

You should know that language is the most important aspect of communication and if you want to improve your efficiency, you should be able to use language in the most understandable way.

At this point, Grammarly helps you refrain from possible misunderstandings and grammar mistakes.

Well, of course, as a content writer, I admire Grammarly because it makes my life much easier apart from helping me communicate better!

3- Forest

After mentioning timing and language as key aspects of improving efficiency, I must highlight the importance of focusing.

The web is full of distractions for anyone using it.

Forest extension helps you better focus on what you by blocking distractions and it does it in the most satisfying and fun way.

When you blacklist a site, Forest blocks the screen. As you click on the icon to plant a tree, you will be able to focus on what you do.

It is a great tool that does not only help you focus but also helps you learn patience and devotion as you would need to have when planting a tree and watching it grow.

4- The Great Suspender

It is available in the Chrome store again.

I believe that most of you have tens of different tabs open when doing work on the web. 

On the one hand, having those tabs open saves you a lot of time but on the other hand, by slowing down your pc, they also steal some of that valuable time that you have.

The Great Suspender chrome extension simply suspends those tabs that you are not using at that moment.

It is truly a Great Suspender, isn’t it?

5- ClickUp

Among the many features of ClickUp, the best one is creating new tasks for your to-do list.

Helping you get better organized, ClickUp extension improves efficiency not just for individuals but especially for teams.

By automatically synchronizing everything, the extension provides perfect assistance for managing your tasks.

Apart from helping you create tasks, ClickUp extension also provides you with such features as:

  • Bookmarking websites and taking screenshots
  • Tracking the time you spend on websites
  • Supercharging emails (basically creating an HTML record for any email and letting you add it to an existing ClickUp task)

6- Airstory

The first one is that it saves you time and effort by letting you store your favorite researches that you may want to use in any writing. 

Imagine you come up with useful researches online and you want to pick a specific part of any research later to be used in an article. When you save that part in Airstory and later drag it into your writing, Airstory will merge it with the source URL.

Aside from saving you time and effort, the Airstory extension also prevents you from oversight any citation, which is also very important because people deserve credit for what they do.

7- Loom

Sometimes it is not that easy to explain yourself to a colleague via emails or messages. 

You can always make video calls but imagine you have to explain something to people who you can’t get in a video call at the same time.

At this point, Loom extension provides great convenience for you. 

It is a perfect extension for screen and video recordings. 

With the help of Loom, you can easily explain yourself through screen recordings while being able to record a video of yourself. 

This way, you don’t have to worry about explaining yourself to people one by one, instead, you can record what you want and let people watch it when they have time.

Saving you so much time and effort and this is why I love Loom so much!

8- Just Read

It gets so irritating when you are bombarded with unnecessary elements on web pages. 

It can be very distracting when reading something.

The extension helps you “just read” what you want and swipes away all the unnecessary elements from the page.

If you want to improve efficiency Just Read is another extension that will help you focus getting things done!

By leaving you one on one with the text you want read, the Just Read extension is like your personal security guard.

9- Mailtrack

Wondering whether your email was seen by the receiver can really get under your skin.

When sending important emails, it is often a big question mark whether that person read your email or not.

Thanks to Mailtrack, you don’t have to worry about sending an extra email to people for asking whether they got the first email you sent or not.

The Mailtrack extension tells you whether your email is opened or not. 

It does not only tell you whether it is opened or not but it also tells you when and how many times it was opened. 

Swipes away all the concerns, doesn’t it?

10- UserGuiding

With a little bit of subjectivity, I can say that UserGuiding should be #1 on the list.

Well, with a lot more objectivity, I can say that UserGuiding is among the best Chrome extensions to improve efficiency.

You talk about efficiency when you know that you can create interactive guides for each process of your business or work.

Instead of spending so much time and effort on your onboarding process, products, or announcements, you can easily walk people through these processes by creating an interactive guide with Usergudiing.

UserGuiding is a “No-code” easy-to-use tool!

You can personalize your guides and make it fun for your people to get through your processes.


Of course, Chrome has many more extensions that you can use for other purposes but if you want to save time and energy when getting things done, these 10 extensions are among the best.

Hopefully, they will help you and make it much easier for you to get things done!

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