How to Transfer KPLC Tokens from one Meter to Another

What would you do if you were able to transfer KPLC tokens with friends or family, just in the same manner you Sambaza data bundles or airtime?

This is exactly what the power corporation is planning for its customers. The product, according to a report published by BusinessDaily, will mainly target pre-paid customers.  

The product has been developed by a company called Numeral IoT. It is based in Nairobi and has since received from Kenya Power to roll out the service but as a pilot.

The application will come in handy in many instances. One of them, as said, is sharing power tokens with friends and family.

The second one is a case where a person purchases tokens in a rental house but suddenly moves, leaving his unit behind. The sharing option will allow them to move the tokens to their next house.

How to Transfer KPLC Tokens within the same Apartments

There are several reasons why one would want to transfer KPLC tokens which are covered below. But firstly one should know that it is not possible to debit units from a meter as it would be too open to Fraud.

The easy one first. If the meter is broken and the Supply Kenya Power is changing the meter they will give you the credit back the next time you recharge your prepaid meter. Make sure you take a picture of the meter before it is changed or have the Technician give you a note with the number of units owed.

You have recharged the wrong meter. Happens regularly in almost every house on my estate.

  1. The easiest is to ask the person who lives in the other apartment to refund you (does not always work) as KPLC we can add a debit to the wrongly credited meter so that the other apartment will pay eventually.
  2. In a couple of cases where the properties were brand new and it happened to a new tenant and the apartment they recharged was empty, we exchanged the meters physically. We would usually charge for the site visit but in most cases, we were on-site finishing some work.
  3. We have had clients move apartments and have again Physically moved the meters. Please note that this can only happen within the same building.

It’s only worth the time and trouble to do this when the values are high as the cost of solving the problem can out way the benefit.

Also, this can be solved by visiting any KPLC offices near you with the below Prepaid KPLC Token Re-Allocation & Reversal Forms document filled.

Download Prepaid KPLC Token Re-Allocation & Reversal Forms – HERE

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