How To Integrate Pesapal Into Your Shopify Shop

Shopify is an E-Commerce platform that enables you to start, run and grow your business from any part of the world.

It gives you access to a larger market which makes it easier for you to grow an international business. Through Shopify, you have everything that you need to sell online, through your social media pages, or in person.

As soon as you have set up your business on Shopify it is important to make it convenient for your customers to pay you. 

The Pesapal Shopify plugin enables you to accept payments throughout East Africa using Mobile Money( MPESA, Airtel, Voda MPESA, Tigo MPESA, Various Mobile Banking Apps) as well as card payments ( Visa, Mastercard & American Express).

 The process has been simplified in a way that you can be able to set up by yourself. Below are 4 steps you need to follow:

STEP 1: Create A Pesapal Account

In case you already have a business account skip to (d) below:

  1. a) Visit
  2. b) Select “Business”
  3. c) Enter your Business Registration details and click “Create Business Account”
  4. d) Check your Email for Pesapal Integration Details which contains your Consumer Key and Secret (Keep this close as you will need them in the next step)

STEP 2: Register Your Shopify Shop Details On Pesapal

  1. a) Go to, and log in using your Pesapal username and password.
  2. b) Once logged in select “My Shops”, Enter the name of your Shopify Shop e.g MyDuka, your Pesapal Consumer Key, and Secret and press save.

(Pesapal sends you your consumer key and secret the moment you register your business account. You can also resend your Consumer Key and Secret by logging into your Pesapal account, and clicking “Resend API credentials” on your email)

STEP 3: IPN SETUP (Instant Payment Notifications)

Add Pesapal IPN to your merchant account by logging in to the dashboard on selecting your Account Settings-> IPN Settings and entering the following details.

  1. Website domain: 
  2. IPN Listener
  3. c) Click “Save URL” to complete the process.

To help you add the IPN correctly you have a look at this

STEP 4: Install Pesapal On Your Shopify Account

  1. a) Create a Shopify Account if you have not already done so and login.
  2. b) Go to your Shopify Settings -> General and check/change the Country to one Pesapal currently operates in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.
  3. c) Follow the link below To Install the Pesapal Payment Gateway to your Shopify Account. You will be asked to log in. (Enter your shop name, email, and password to proceed)
  4. d) Click “Install Payment Provider” to install Pesapal Payments.
  5. e) Scroll down to “Alternative Payments” and Select Pesapal. (In case you do not see “Alternative Payments”, Go to Settings-> Payments and select “Pesapal” from the “Alternative Payments” drop-down.
  6. f) Enter your Consumer Key And secret as (you should have received on your email when creating your Pesapal account) and press save. (Do NOT activate “Use Test Mode” – please ensure the “Use Test Mode” box is unchecked or blank)

NB: Pesapal will only appear if your Shop is registered in a country Pesapal has jurisdiction. e.g Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia. You can change this by going to your Shopify Settings -> General and changing the shop’s default country to any of the above.

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