How To Load Tokens on Prepaid Meter Online

Kenya Power token meters at some point may present challenges that may make it cumbersome to recharge the prepaid meter tokens to get connected to power again. Troubleshooting token meters has become almost a must for any token user in most homesteads.

You run out of tokens and the first thing on your mind is to quickly buy tokens so that you can get connected again. After purchasing the tokens, you rush to the token meter box only to realize that you cannot feed in the tokens as the meter reading is blank and does not show anything.

This scenario can be a nightmare for many of us there is no way you can feed the tokens on a blank token meter screen

Having some skills on how to troubleshoot and solve some of the challenges associated with the use of these Kenya Power token meters can save you from the heavier and more frequent costs of hiring an electrician. In this article, I take you through some basic troubleshooting and how to solve common problems or challenges that come with the meter token.

If this is the case for you, try the below process to get back your meter reading before you can recharge the tokens.

Recharge Tokens On A Token Meter That Goes Off And Turns Blank When Tokens Are Over

  • Make sure the meter is plugged into a socket in your house even if the power is off and the socket is on
  • Check your meter reading and if it displays correctly then load the token number
  • If the token meter displays a configuration error such as “con-fail” unplug the socket and plug it in again. This should be able to clear the configuration error of your token meter and display it as usual.
  • If your token meter is not mounted on the wall and the problem still persists, carry the meter token gadget and the socket plug cable with you to your neighboring house to troubleshoot by plugging in the power socket.
  • Alternatively,, you can do this directly on your main meter box as shown in the photos below this post
  • Plug the cable in the token meter and the power socket. By doing this. the meter should automatically read.
  • Recharge your meter and automatically your house will be connected to power once you have fed the system with tokens
  • If your meter is plugged into the wall, make sure the token meter wire is firmly connected to the power adapter. Should the wires be loose, you can easily fix them by inserting them in their right position and your meter will be able to display.
  • Use this guide for more information and learn how you can fix this issue by yourself.

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How To Solve Prepaid Power Meter Showing a blank screen

An incident where your prepaid meter is showing a blank screen happens when there is a disconnect between your meter token reader gadget and the sub-power transmitter adapter connected to it. Loose wires is a major cause for this problem.

To solve this issue, you need to do the following;

  1. If you can access the main switch, it is advisable to switch the power off first from the main source. If you cannot, you can still connect your token meter back with the power on but avoid touching naked wires. Make sure your hands are dry as well.
  2. Locate the wire connecting your meter to the sub-power transmitter adapter on the wall
  3. Identify the two wires connecting to the power transmitter as illustrated in the photo below
  4. Carefully push the two loose wires to fit in the sockets of the sub-power transmitter adapter.
  5. If you have done this correctly, you will instantly see the readings on your token meter appear.

Well, if you are facing such a situation, do not panic, in most cases their is no need to contact Kenya power or your electrician.  You can solve the problem by yourself.

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