DStv Packages In Kenya and Prices 2023

The leading satellite television service provider, DStv has announced a price adjustment across its various DStv Packages, a move occasioned by the increased cost of living in the country. This blog post will break down these changes, starting from the smallest tier to the priciest.

Over the past years, the Multichoice-owned digital satellite TV has gained more users in Kenya because of its high-definition decoders.

DStv has a variety of channels ranging from sports to movies which have also been a key feature of their increased customer base.

Below is a table with all the DStv packages and their respective prices in Kenya as of 2023

New DStv Packages In Kenya and Prices 2023

Well, here are the prices for the various DStv tiers that you might want to subscribe to this year.

1. Access 1,300 KES

The Access package, which offers a basic selection of channels, has seen a price increase of 13.04%. The price has moved from 1,150 Kenyan shillings (KES) to 1,300 KES. This package remains a budget-friendly option for those seeking basic entertainment.

2. Family Package: 1,850 KES 

The Family package, designed to offer a variety of channels suitable for family viewing, has also seen a price adjustment. The new price is 1,850 KES, marking a 15.63% increase from the previous 1,600 KES. Despite the increase, this package continues to provide a mix of adult and children’s programming at an affordable rate.

3. Compact Package: 3,500 KES 

The Compact package, offering a selection of entertainment, news, and children’s channels, has experienced the most significant percentage increase. The price has risen by 16.67%, from 3, KES to 3,500 KES. This package remains a popular choice for many Kenyan households, providing a balance of entertainment options.

4. Compact Plus Package: 6,200 KES 

The Compact Plus package, a favorite among many due to its balanced mix of entertainment and news channels, now stands at 6,200 KES, a 12.73% increase from the previous 5,500 KES. Despite the price adjustment, this package continues to offer a blend of lifestyle, sports, and movie channels, making it a popular choice for families.

5. Premium Package: 9,900 KES 

Lastly, the Premium package, which offers a wide array of channels, including sports, movies, and international news, has seen an increase of 11.11%. The price has moved from 8,900 KES to 9,900 KES. adjustment reflects the value that DStv places on its premium content, ensuring that subscribers continue to enjoy top-tier entertainment.

While these price adjustments may initially seem daunting, it’s important to remember that DStv is committed to providing quality content. The company continually invests in acquiring the best local and international content, ensuring that subscribers have access to a wide variety of programming.

DSTV Additional Addon Packages

  • Add Movies – 3 Channels – Kshs.700
  • Indian – 5 Channels – Kshs.4,200
  • French Touch – 9 Channels – Kshs.800
  • French Plus – 15 Channels – Kshs.3,600
  • Great Wall – 7 Channels – Kshs.670

Latest DSTV Packages Kenya

The following is the list of DSTV packages available in Kenya.

  1. Premium has 175-plus channels
  2. Compact Plus  has 155 channels
  3. Compact  has 135 plus channels
  4. The family has 115-plus channels
  5. Access  has 95-plus channels
  6. Portugese has 10 channels

How To Watch DSTV on Smart TV with DSTV App Installed?

1. Once the App is installed app will display a code on your screen
2. On a laptop/Desktop go to now.dstv.com/tv and sign
3. Once signed in enter the code displayed on the TV, then click on the “sign-in on tv button”
Alternatively, log in to your DStv app on your phone/tablet click on more, Go to settings, select login to tv, and enter the code appearing on your TV screen and the app will now be active on your TV.

How Can I Contact DSTV Kenya

  1. Tel No.+254711066000
  2. WhatsApp Us. Save the DSTV number +255 677 666 111
  3. Dial *150*53# on, your cellphone.
  4.  Email: mchoice@ke.multichoice.com
  5. Postal Address: P.O. Box 60406, 00200 Nairobi, Kenya

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