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Zack Kinuthia Facebook Post On Ruto that Secured Him Education CAS Job Position

zack kinutia

Fight began

If you look at the elected people in Mt Kenya who started with William Samoei Ruto before, you will realize that they were men and women of substance. They thought that Ruto was acting genuinely as the Principal Assistant to the President., their scion from GATUNDU.
Over time, it dawned on them that the ambitious man from Turbo was out to campaign for President, 5 years away from the official time.

In his pursuit, Ruto did not spare anything. He would spend money indiscriminately. Hire in excess of 5 choppers every weekend to ferry the hangouts, the accompanying leaders, and the MONEY. If you remember, Ruto would dispatch different choppers in a different part of the country with leaders and money to invade the churches with Harambee money.

In earnest, I began complaining that this money was SHADY. I pointed out that it was STOLEN from the Government Projects that were designated either ongoing or complete, never mind they were still empty.
After months of my nose and of course, the national concern, launch, and continuation of projects were stopped.

Zack Kinuthia Maintain the momentum

Later, that role by Executive Order 1 2019, was transferred to the Super CS, to instill discipline in national coordination. The men and women whom I alluded, left Ruto one by one and fizzled out. They realized that the Juggernaut was grinding even the old metal.

The handful of elected people who follow Ruto these days from Mt Kenya, 2 in Murang’ a out of 10, 1 in Nyeri out of 9, 1 in Kirinyaga out of 7, 2 in Kiambu out of 15, none any longer in Laikipia are peculiar people who do not shy to tell us in secret that they are with Ruto because elephants are never buried with tusks.

This is the only thing I sympathize with Ruto. If you can’t stand with him all to the end, don’t touch his helicopters, don’t use his fuel guzzlers and avoid his money in toto. Even among thieves, there is an honor.

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