Until I Marry You, Your Financial Burden Remains Your Responsibility — Man Said

Financial Burden

Nigeria man has cleared the air by telling Nigeria girls to take responsibility for their financial burdens and not to think because they are beautiful man owns them money.

He posted below:

Until I put a ring on your finger, your financial burden remains entirely your responsibility, not mine. Any help I render is from the good of my heart. It was never and isn’t your right. It’s not an obligation for me. Some ladies think because they look good, men owe them money

Below is a reactions by a Nigeria girl.

@mamaariella I don’t blame him for this, a lot of women have shown that they are desperate so men will treat you accordingly.

Until we stop praising and showcasing women with questionable sources of income and begin to celebrate hard-working women who are doing well for themselves without the help of any man then these men will continue to talk to us anyhow. Can we please change the narrative.

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Financial Burden

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