Women Admit To Have Killed Her Four Kids Now Claims That She Was Possessed (Video).


A woman suspected to have killed four of her children is now blaming evil spirits and a broken relationship.

After spending two nights in police cells, Beatrice Mwende Kimothoi yesterday said reality had hit her and she is yet to come to terms with her deeds, which she termed as demonic.

Two of the kids killed by Mwende/photo/fb

Speaking before she was arraigned in court in Naivasha, the mother of seven asked for mercy, saying she was possessed and did not know what she was doing.

“We ate supper together and even watched TV before the children, whom I loved so much, went to bed only for the evil spirits to take over,” said Mwende.

Mwende, 42, said her boyfriend whom they parted ways last year would take control over her, ordering her to do all manner of queer things during their relationship.

She claimed that on the 26th day of every month, she would be possessed by evil spirits that commandeered her to do all kind of deeds that she was not in control of.


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