Woman Who Moi Banished from Kenya Citing ‘Mpango wa Kando’ Claims.

Woman Who Moi Banished from Kenya Citing 'Mpango wa Kando' Claims.

While serving as the home affairs minister, the late Daniel Arap Moi proceeded to deport then Commerce and Industry Minister Julius Gikonyo Kiano’s wife over claims that the wife caused drama in a Nairobi club. 

The wife to the former Industry Minister Ernestine Hammond Kiano caused a stir after she found out that her husband was cheating on her with his ‘mpango wa kando’


Battling complicated emotions, Ernestine proved to be a protective woman when she glided past the crowd, removed her shoe, and hurled it in Kiano’s direction. Some would argue that rather than running away from betrayal issues when they were relatively minor, she decided to run toward them and fight for resolution. This, in a way, could also be true. 

Fortunately, Kiano managed to dodge the shot, leaving the shoe hitting the wall. To dodge the publication humiliation that was pressured onto him, Gikonya saught after Moi, convincing him to help in any way possible. Moi would therefore deal with the woman by deporting her, perfectly intervening the humiliation of a relationship collapse. 

As tabled in the Kenya Gazette notice dated June 1966, Moi declared the wife to Gikonya persona non grata, ordering her out of the country. 


The notice read in part, 

 “Ernestine Hammond Kiano had shown herself by act and speech to be disloyal and disaffected towards Kenya.”

In line with statements from the US press, we are made to believe that upon her arrival at the John F. Kennedy Airport, she looked nervous and avoided any questions aimed at unearthing the major divide in her marriage. 

After the deportation proved successful, Gikonya married Pan African Hotel receptionist, Jane Mumbi. 

Notably, Earnestine was the first America Citizen to renounce her citizenship in 1964, after which she’d be a common figure in Kiano’s campaign trails, occasionally donning Kikuyu traditional regalia.

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