How to Withdraw Money from 22bet via SMS?

22bet has rapidly emerged to be a popular website for sports betting enthusiasts. Starting in 2017, the company has had a global presence, and more than 4,00,000 players are already using its services. The online gaming company is regulated by the Curacao eGaming Authority, making it a safe destination for online bettors. The website offers some unique features to its players, like SMS-based services. How do I withdraw money from 22bet via SMS?

Just follow the steps that we have outlined below.

How do I withdraw money from 22bet via SMS?

Withdrawing money from your 22bet account via SMS is pretty simple. All you need to do is type `W#the amount that you wish to withdraw#your account password´ and send the SMS to 29252.

Other services via SMS

29252 is the SMS number for 22bet, using which, you can access a variety of services. In addition to withdrawing money, you can also

Get information about incoming games

For getting information about the next match, you will have to SMS `NEXT GAMES´ to 29252, and you will receive a reply containing the game number, names of the participating teams, and odds for the game.


If you want information regarding multiple games, you need to send GAMES to 29252, and you will receive information about several upcoming games, like the teams playing and the odds for each game.

Receiving updates

You can keep up to date with the outcomes of your bets by simply sending SUBSCRIBE to 29252, and you will start receiving results for your bets.

Joining 22bet and resetting your password

Joining 22bet is extremely easy. You just need to send JOIN to 29252, and you will get your username and password in reply.

Similarly, if you forget your password and you need to reset it, just send RESET from your registered number to 29252, and you will receive a new password.

Receive help

To guide you through the betting process, send BETHELP to 29252, and you will receive the instructions.

How do I withdraw money from 22bet via SMS? Now you know!

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