Meet Winfred Wangui Once Senator Kimani Wamatangi’s House Help And Mother To Their Daughter.

Winfred Wangui Once Senator Kimani Wamatangi's House Help

Winfred Wangui is a woman who can be described as limitless as dropping from school did not hold her from achieving her dreams. Her determination has been enormous always fighting hard to earn a living.

Winfred Wangui dropped from school in class eight due to a lack of school fees as her mum is a peasant farmer who struggled to put food on the table. Her dad also had died during her younger age and it was impossible to continue with studies.

After dropping from school Winfred Wangui took her determination to the job world looking for any job that can help her earn a living both for her and her mum. Fortunately she landed to the home of Kimani Wamatangi’s where she worked as a house help.

Winfred Wangui Once Senator Kimani Wamatangi's House Help

Three days to her job she confirms that Kimani Wamatangi raped her and ordered her to shower immediately. Little did she show that showering would complicate evidence that would help in her case.

Nine months later Winfred Wangui was blessed with a lovely girl who she believes is her everything and her motivation. Wamatangi visited the baby while she was two months old and gave her Ksh 7,000 only to vanish from there completely.

This prompted Winfred Wangui to move to FIDA and children’s welfare office but shockingly none helped. Her efforts bore no fruits as Wamatangi was obviously a powerful man. She also lacked financial capacity to push her issues through.

Winfred Wangui Once Senator Kimani Wamatangi's House Help

The beauty queen has however opted to raise her daughter even without the support of Kimani Wamatangi. She has forgiven now the senator for Kiambu who has not cared to visit her daughter several years after her birth.

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