Is William Ruto Deceptive In Nature? That What Will Exterminate His Political Career.

William Ruto

William Ruto On 14th June 2019, the Son of Sugoi fixed an event at West Pokot County driving all the way with his then parrots Onesimus Kipchumba Murkomen and Susan Kihika to prove a point and gain another cheap publicity; to rescue a young man by the name Mulmulwas from the fangs of unemployment after disagreeing with Governor Hon. Prof. John Lonyang’apuo but to his rude shock, a day later, Mulmulwas came out gun blazing rejecting the offer saying that DP William Ruto isn’t trustworthy; doesn’t mean what he says and doesn’t say what he means.

It came as a rude shock to Kenyans for a young man of his caliber refusing a job offer from the second in command but to keen political analysts, we noted the development and concluded that Kenyans at large have now known the deceptive, deceitful and elusive nature of their Deputy President having given them empty promises as an individual but delivered zero on the ground. Remember this is not the only trick DP William Ruto has mastered that has exposed his treacherous and mendacious character but many are at the stock that will surprise you.

Now let me tell you something…

William Ruto’s fake numbers narrative is another concocted & fabricated chronicle that the DP William Ruto sells and thus thinks will win the next election easily. That he had the numbers in the Kibra by-elections, yet his candidate Macdonald Mariga lost pants down to Orange Democratic Movement’s Imran Okoth. That he had numbers in the Jubilee Party, but changes of both the National Management Committee and Senate leadership were done without his involvement.

That he had numbers in the senate, but his friend former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu was impeached easily leaving his key allies like Oscar Kipchumba Sudi and HON. CALEB KOSITANY – MP SOY become motivational speakers on social media platforms. He still continues to peddle the fictitious & fabulous fake numbers narrative but unfortunately to him, Kenyans are a clever lot who have known him for who he is; a fibber.

William Ruto has perfected the art of social media to an extent that his online artists like Dennis Itumbi are misusing the platform. If you happen to join twitter today and view the expression of the majority of Kenyans, you could mistake William Ruto to be the President of Africa due to amplitude support he receives from fake ghost accounts pretending to be speaking on behalf of Kenyans.

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William Ruto Social Media War…

William Ruto has won many wars in social media only to crumble in the ground. A friend alleged that Itumbi himself has over 50 online twitter & Facebook accounts hence so easy to propagate Deputy President’s Sugoi propagandas and fake news. How could Itumbi be the chief agent of forged letters from almost every ministry & forged court letters in the republic? So surprising that even now, his social media online jihadists are still living in denial of the development of a new Kenya.

Who remembers the purported war in the cabinet between CS Fred Matiang’ i and CS Mutahi Kagwe immediately after the appointment of the latter? This was all Ruto’s antics to cause commotion between the two leaders and we aren’t surprised to know the current architect of the non-existent cabinet reshuffle alluding dismissal of President Uhuru’s allies from the cabinet.

Sad that Kenyans are now aware of his antics. The online platform is a good arena but rarely helps in the real fight, DP William Ruto must be real in tackling wananchi’s issues not fighting through proxies.

DP William Ruto has misused religion as a tool to fabricate his lies to the public. When you see fake pastors prophesize William Ruto’s presidency then know that we are getting it wrong as a nation where money influences and replaces our religious ideals, opinions, and integrity. The son of Sugoi’s dalliance to the pulpit was basically religious sympathy that he believes in God!

Then you wonder what other leaders believe in? Kenya’s problems can’t is masked on religion. We shouldn’t allow the campaign to be on who is more godly than the other because religion is the absolute truth to the believers. Trying to push people to engage in public discourse depending on their faith levels is dangerous because we want to listen to the politicians sell their policies. It can’t be on who can read the Bible best.

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William Ruto has successfully hoodwinked the public on his 2022 perceived political backing and enemies. He started with his assured backing purportedly from President Uhuru Kenyatta; this excited his supporters who could miss a meal or two because of the excitement. He went ahead and brainwashed his supporters that his permanent opponent comes 2022 is Raila Odinga hence they should prepare for Raila’s retirement. Right now, he is the one looking for Raila.

As days go by, he even posed for a photo with Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and claimed Mzee had promised to support him in the next election. These narratives went ahead as claiming naming a school in his name only to find out differently. Who else will believe Ruto’s narrative about Kikuyus? Who will believe him that Kikuyus will support him 100% as he chest thumbs when in the boardroom?

Why should he let Kikuyus speak for themselves? But with time, his supporters have backtracked because of the turn of events, thanks to the reorganization of the ruling party top leadership led by the ouster of his key allies.

Ruto’s backstabbing behavior started as early as 2005 after ODM’s Kasarani event when he pretended to be satisfied with the results only to go against the ODM leader years later. Ruto has backstabbed the President not once not twice but many times, something that has made political pundits express dismay in his ingenuity.

William Ruto and 2022…

On one hand, William Ruto supports BBI daytime, but at night, he organizes meetings to oppose it. William Ruto’s allies then come out the next day gun-blazing opposing the BBI report after being given instructions from the boss at night. Ruto once pretended to support Interior CS DR. FRED Matiang’ i during the year 2017 but only came out opposing him two years later because his interests were affected during the latter’s service delivery.

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It’s not the first time Ruto’s key allies like Oscar Sudi have given the President ultimatums while the pretending DP plays cool as if nothing is going on and keep saying, “I respect the President.” William Ruto’s backstabbing element came out strongly the time he abused Raila as a witch doctor while supporting his pact with President Uhuru.

Lastly, William Ruto’s narrative that he has bottomless pits of money cancels his narrative that he is a hustler? Is the Deputy President an architect of lies till he reaches an extent that he can cheat himself? How can a hustler own two helicopters? Ruto’s corrupt cases against the poor also cancel this narrative as a pretender who steals from the poor and tries to act a saint by bringing the same money back to them.

A case study of the river in Machakos that was diverted to Ruto’s Taita Taveta farm leaving residents wallowing in hunger and drought! The grabbing of Muteshi’s land can’t be rubbed from our memories. On one hand, he believes that he will use the money to rig some legislators all the way from nominations till the main election the same way he did in 2017 while on the other he contradicts himself by believing that his team will be voted because they are hustlers! It’s no secret the dynasty verses hustlers’ narrative has been thrashed by the public.

And come 2022, the public will be left with the choice of electing persons of dignity based on track records like Hon Kivutha Kibwana and Dr. Fred Matiang’ i and not pretenders like William Ruto who are misusing the poor people for their selfish interests.

By Douglas Ogari

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