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Why William Ruto Has Moved His Choppers From Wilson Airport to His Karen Residence.

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William Ruto has received a lot of criticism for his frequent meetings across the country. His bid for the 2022 presidency is clear to everyone and he stands as the man to the bit.

Many leaders opposed to his bid have vowed to ensure that he will not succeed Uhuru Kenyatta.

This has been declared openly and publicly on national televisions. Reports now indicate that Ruto is taking extra security measures and will no longer use government choppers but will use his own means to travel across the country.

Exclusive: A Look Inside Dp William Ruto Expensive Chopper
Exclusive: A Look Inside Dp William Ruto Expensive Chopper

The move follows intelligence briefs he has received that powerful officials at the Interior Ministry are planning to assassinate him through a plane crash.

The officials have publicly declared they are against his bid and will use any means possible to stop him.

Ruto will now be using a number of his Choppers. The choppers were recently moved from Wilson Airport to a newly built garage at Karen residence. The move was informed by fears that security lapses may see the choppers tempered with.

In 2012, former Vice President and then security minister George Saitoti died in a chopper crash in what is believed to have been an Assassination by powerful people in government.

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