Shocking! Wikileaks Reveals How Raila ODM Party Fixed Ruto at ICC 2


Immediately after the famous Coalition Agreement between ODM leader Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta, ODM started an ambitious project to force an election by mid or end of 2010, Wikileaks has revealed.

Raila had accepted to be the Head of Government as Prime Minister but he still harbored Presidential Ambitions. In other words, he joined forces with Kibaki in order to destroy him from within.

In order to achieve these ambitions, Baba’s team came up with ‘Project Ng’oa’. This was basically a three step project that would enable them seize power through unorthodox means.

The first part of the project was to get rid of senior government officials in the Kibaki administration, starting with Head of Civil Service Francis Muthaura who was to be replaced by Raila’s chief of staff Caroli Omondi.

NIS boss Michael Gichangi, police boss Francis Muthaura and Government spokesperson Alfred Mutua were to be removed and replaced with people loyal to Raila.

This part was titled ‘Removal of Pillars’ and it was meant to weaken the Kibaki administration. The removal of pillars was to be accomplished within the first six months of the project.

This could explain why Muthaura and former police boss Hussein Alli were in the initial list of Kenyans who were indicted at the Hague for crimes against humanity. The Ocampo 6 if you remember.

The second part of Project Ngo’a was to Demonize the Kibaki administration. Raila was to continue talking about a stolen election and reminding his supporters that they joined the government for peace and not because they lost the elections.

A few PNU Ministers were also to be targeted for attacks and corruption charges. Chief on the list of Ministers to be targeted was Uhuru Kenyatta, the former Prime Minister and Minister for Trade.

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Six other top officials were to be bombarded with scandals. Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, who became Raila’s running mate in the next two elections, was to be spared but prepare a scandal that would finish him…

It is the third part of the project that will surely raise a political storm in the coming days.

The Ruto Factor

Raila’s team believes that William Ruto would be the biggest hurdle for their boss when it comes to election time. They say they need Kalenjins for their take over plan to succeed but they need to weaken Ruto through corruption and post-election violence propaganda.

Ruto put his life on the line to campaign for Raila in the 2007 elections. However, frustrations started immediately he was appointed the Agriculture Minister. At one point, Raila suspended him over corruption charges only to be reinstated by Kibaki.

Apart from Joshua Sang and Henry Kosgey, all the other ICC suspects are heavily mentioned in the project. They are the people ODM had targeted in their plans to have elections in 2010.

Ruto has always maintained that he was fixed at the Hague. We now know by who and why.

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