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FEAR Nairobi Fly, So Dangerous, Remedies.

Nairobi fly

You most likely have seen lots of these Nairobi Fly insects during this rainy season, especially in Nairobi. Tiny but dangerous.

Narrow bee fly or as most of you will call it, Nairobi fly, look harmless but has the most lethal acid burns when its fluids come in contact with the skin.

It deeply corrodes the skin opening up avenues for bacterial infections.

Here is how to avoid Nairobi Fly acid burns;

  1. If you crush a Nairobi fly, avoid touching your eyes or any part of your body, Immediately wash your hands and the affected area with water and soap.
  2. Before going to bed check the ceilings in your bedroom and the areas around beds.
  3. If you feel an insect on you, avoid crushing it and carefully remove it.
  4. To be safe, completely avoid contact with the insects.
Why You Should Fear Nairobi Fly, So Dangerous, Remedies.

If you already have a burn here are some remedies;

  1. Apply a mild topical steroid ointment.
  2. Where there is a likelihood of bacterial superinfection, apply an antibiotic ointment.
  3. Oral antihistamines will reduce the itchiness that results in scratching.
  4. I have seen on social media that rubbing toothpaste on affected areas works as a home remedy. I don’t know.

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