Why TSC Teachers Will Remain Happy Despite Being Idle Due to Covid-19 Pandemic.

TSC Teachers

Many Kenyans are in their worst financial state due to the huge negative impact of COVID -19. But for TSC teachers the case is quite different. All TSC teachers in public institutions will continue to receive their salaries while not working.

The public institutions are not limited to primary schools, high schools, and the tertiary levels which include technical colleges under the government.

The government has pushed forth the re-opening of pre-primary, primary, and secondary schools to January 2021. This year has been termed as a lost year for students but for TSC teachers the case is different since they will continue to enjoy their salaries while seated back at home.

But what about those teachers employed by the Board of Management (B.O.M.)? For them, it remains unanswered since the government has not yet released funds to the schools to finance their salaries.

The same case applies to the subordinate staff. While TSC teachers thank the government, the other set of B.O.M teachers are facing cruel uncertainty.

A statement by the TSC Director of Communications Beatrice wababu shows that teachers are more than ready to go back to class even the following day so long as teaching conditions are right.

She adds that it is not the will of teachers to have the schools closed hence they will still continue to enjoy their salaries. She added that not until the commission decides otherwise, there is no point in it not paying teachers for a problem that they did not create.

The TSC financial statements show that the government spends about Kshs. 247.2 billion in paying salaries to the teachers per year. A monthly breakdown shows that the government spends Kshs. 20.6 billion per month in payment of salaries.

Parents too have their fear in them for they had paid fees but the Cs for education George Magoha assured them of guarantee after instructing the Board of Managements and school principals to agree on what will be done to the already paid fees. That is a relief for parents.

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