Are You a Teacher, Stop Smiling About Salaries, This Should Worry You


I know you are celebrating the increment in your salary, but there is something I wanted to bring to your attention.

I hope you know a time like this; teachers would have filled their Teachers Performance Appraisal Document, a document that was designed according to TSC to help teacher monitor their teaching progress and factor in any improvement where necessary.

That we are under lockdown in some counties, I doubt if there is any teacher who has filled this vital appraisal document.

They left school in a hurry, and no one could have known the return wasn’t soon.

Already like it is normal for Kenyans, rumours are already circulating about a supposed TPAD deadline.

So, it would be prudent for the Teachers Service Commission to halt the online filling of TPAD until normalcy resumes.

After all, the physical Tpad document is already somewhere in the office at school.

April’s Teachers’ Salary Delay But, This is Why You Should Remain Calm.

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So, it is impossible to access the document, especially for those who work in different counties, and they are in Mombasa, Nairobi, or any other locked counties at present.

It is more worrisome if you are a teacher and you are among those who had defaulted to the Wealth Declaration act.

This is why you shouldn’t be anxious at all.

To begin with, the Teachers Service Commission, already cleared the air about those who failed to comply with the Wealth Declaration Act last year. The commission already promised payment for all its employees at the end of April.

However, the commission pledged to deal with the defaulters outside the tent and at an individual level when normalcy resumes. So, that is a resolved issue, and there should be no cause for worry.

If the April salary has been delayed, you should stay calm because the good news is on the way.

You might be smiling to the bank soon because the new pay might have a few extra thousand notes courtesy of tax relief from the president.

So stay put, as we wait for the good news in our paycheck.

If you have got your salary, comment and tell us whether there is any notable increment.

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