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5 Reason Why Miraa Transporters in Kenya Prefer the Toyota Hilux

Miraa Transporters in Kenya

The Miraa business is known to many as very lucrative; but in addition to that, it is known for the infamous speeding Toyota Hilux pick-ups.

The Hilux has been trusted by Miraa transporters for a very long time and are yet to change the model.

The only other models used are the Toyota Landcruiser 79 series pick up; for ferrying the perishable herb to regions with very harsh roads.

The other model that has been used extensively is the Isuzu FSR 33, whose use is limited to ferrying the commodity to the coastal region.

Toyota Hilux

The bulk of it, from Maua and other Miraa-rich areas to Nairobi, the carrier’s pick up of choice is the Hilux and this brings out the question; why the Hilux even despite the evolving models? In this article,

I this article we will explain why the Toyota Hilux is the most suitable for the job.

1). The gearbox

One of the major reasons why Miraa transporters do not use the Isuzu D-Max is because of the gearbox. The Isuzu D-Max gearbox has a feature that restricts it from downshifting above a certain gear’s speed limit to prevent damage.

This may be a good feature but, when ferrying Miraa at high speed, to maintain the power and torque, rapid downshifting is inevitable.

The Toyota Hilux gearbox does not have this feature however it’s entire drivetrain is however very robust and can handle this sort of abuse. The tax cannot.

2). Power

The latest Hilux churns out an impressive 150 horsepower at 3400rpm. It is arguably the most powerful pick-up in its category. Power is an essential factor to consider when you need speed.

3). Reliability

The engines which Toyota has used on the Hilux over time have not only proven to be powerful; they are very reliable as well. They do not break down easily and can withstand quite a lot of abuse.

As a Miraa carrier, you need an engine that will not break down when the vehicle is ferrying a commodity that is perishable and worth a fortune.

Toyota Hilux

4). Torque

Torque is very important when your vehicle is ferrying heavy cargo, it’s also important when it comes to how fast your vehicle picks up speed.

Now, with the Miraa transportation business, you need both, and the Hilux GUN135 generates an impressive 400NM of torque.

Again it leads in the single cab market category when it comes to torque, making it a good choice for the transporters.

5). Fuel economy:

The 2GD-FTV engine used on the current model of the Hilux has very good and again tops the category. This means that the vehicle is able to run fairly economically even in spite of the speeds. This is complemented by the efficiency of diesel fuel.

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