Why Raphael Tuju’s Ex-wife, Ruth Akinyi now Sells Eateries Along Mombasa Road.

Why Raphael Tuju's Ex-wife
Raphael Tuju’s Ex-wife Ruth Akinyi

Raphael Tuju was born in 1959, attended Majiwa primary school in Nakuru, and later joined the Starahe boys center. He holds an MA degree ( Master of Arts). He has worked as a journalist, TV, and radio producer in the ’80s. He made his fortune as a real estate investor. He has served as a member of parliament representing Rarieda Constituency.

In 2013, he launched his presidential party, the party of Action POA but later changed intentions and became JUBILEE’s secretary-general. In 2018, he was named minister without a portfolio!

Marriage and family wrangles.

We all know the his current political condition and wars so I will cut short about it,and probably won’t talk about it. We’re used to seeing him on a national podium, but have you asked yourself where his family is based?

Raphael Tuju's Ex-wife

Tuju has had a difficult journey in his marriage. Here is the beginning of the wrangles. According to court papers seen by the STANDARD Raphael Married Ruth Akinyi in 1986. They’re blessed with three children who are all adults now. Their son worked as a pilot while their two twin daughters specialized in banking and fashion design respectively.

They had a smooth life until 2011 when Raphael was approached by Esther Agunda complaining that Ruth had snatched her husband, Tony Agunda from her. Raphael Tuju’s Ex-wife had asked Esther to go slow with the issue promising her material wealth including rent paid for their apartment.

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Raphael Tuju's Ex-wife

A wise Tuju didn’t want the matter to go viral in public. He suggested for mediation, him being the mediator between his wife and Esther. The issue was resolved but Raphael Tuju’s Ex-wife’s relationship with Tony never ended.

In September 2012 wrangles arose again forcing Tuju to separate with his wife. Tuju lived with his daughters in Karen while Esther relocated with their son to the upper hill. The upper hill home was still Tuju’s property.

In February 2013, Tuju moved to court seeking to formalize their separation. He claimed that his wife of 27 years had turned violent and adulterous. He claimed that Raphael Tuju’s Ex-wife Ruth was cheating on him with a mannerless young man who she brought to their matrimonial bed!. His wife disrespected him to the extent of making her relationship with Tony public.

In May 2013, Tuju’s security guards in upper hill home spy on Raphael Tuju’s Ex-wife and Inform Tuju that she had brought home the man who was suspected to be her lover Tony. Tuju arrived and found them together.

Raphael Tuju's Ex-wife

Tuju then arrested Tony Ogunda. Tony is booked at Kilimani police station and charged with trespass. Raphael Tuju’s Ex-wife Ruth defended Tony saying that she had invited her lover over. Ruth bailed Tony out with Sh 500.

In July 2013, Tony Ogunda was found dead in Tuju’s other properties in Upper hill Matumbato. Killers were never found. The story in between is long but Tuju succeeded in the divorce suit.

Raphael Tuju’s Ex-wife Ruth Akinyi now sells food in a humble eatery along with Mombasa road years after separation from her dashing and wealthy husband. She was forced to begin road selling as the divorce cut her off Tuju’s property.

Raphael Tuju’s Ex-wife had to use her savings to start up a business that would at least generate her income for upkeep. Tuju has a record of failing to manage his family, will he be able to manage and keep JUBILEE on top?

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