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Why Nothing you can accuse DP Ruto of That you can’t Accuse President Uhuru of the Same.


You look at the Sunday Nation headline, and wonder, what exactly has Ruto done to deserve so much contempt…There is nothing you can accuse Ruto of that you can’t accuse Uhuru of the same.

Ahead of the 2016 US elections, US President Barack Obama used to treat Donald Trump, with so much contempt. I can recall up to four instances where he made really snide remarks, including that White House Correspondents dinner where he made the worst jokes about Trump and Trump gave him a look of (“tupatane pale nyuma ya choo nikuonyeshe Nani mwanaume). Of course, Obama was justified because Trump had really become annoying with his birther movement.

Of course, Trump won. The same game may have been played against Boris Johnson and look who is laughing now?

In the 1970s, we are told that the Kenyatta cabinet used to treat Moi like a doormat. One meeting that famously took place in State House Nakuru saw Moi isolated and when Kenyatta asked who was that outside, one his ministers looked outside, and said, in Kikuyu, “nobody, it is just Moi.”

We know what happened after Moi took power. History is littered with men who thought they were immortal, suppressed others but when things changed, the supposedly all-powerful folk never knew what hit them.

I don’t hold any brief for Ruto. Certainly, as I have said, the only sensible person I may vote if he will be on the ballot is Musalia Mudavadi. But I will respect Ruto because he is our deputy president, was once a great soldier for ODM and gave his all. I know his personal beef with Raila. While I support Raila, I know his personality, and it is nothing close to an angel. Gordon Opiyo knows best.

If anything happened to Uhuru now God forbid and Ruto takes over, some of the guys being used to ‘teach’ Ruto a lesson will escape to Tanzania and Uganda at night dressed as priests and will never step in Kenya until Ruto’s term is over. The Bible tells us that we should treat others the way we would love to be treated. We are creating a monster.

Imagine the country we will have if Ruto became president and Ndindi Nyoro became the minister of the interior? There must be a smarter way of handling Ruto. But smartness generally is not something you can associate with Jubilee.

I will always remember when Jubilee was launching the 2017 elections campaign and President Uhuru had nothing to say when asked about the 2013 elections.

Ruto took the mic from Uhuru and shocked everyone with that stadium thing, saving the day. Jubilee got to power because of Ruto’s commitment, chicanery, and total involvement.

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