Why Moses Kuria Is a Sad-Man After Kenya Won Second Round of Voting At the UN Security Council.

Why Moses Kuria Is a Sad-Man

Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria in the early morning of Thursday, June 18, expressed his opposition against Kenya taking a seat at the UN Security Council for the East African region.

In a statement shared on Twitter, Kuria claimed that Kenya had not done enough to afford the prestigious position.

He argued that the Kenyan government had failed in providing regional leadership and even poked holes in the entry of the Kenyan army into Somalia on a peacekeeping mission.

According to Kuria, the move to send the army into Somalia was motivated by self-interest reasons such as protecting the illegal business.

“I am not supporting Kenya’s bid for a seat at the UN Security Council. We have failed to provide leadership at the regional level.

All we have done is to send troops to protect our charcoal selling business in Somalia and install the illegitimate Madoobe in Jubaland. Self-interest not national,” Moses Kuria’s statement read.

Given the stand of the legislator, it would appear that the news of Kenya failing to secure the seat in the first round due to the two-third rule were good to him

Kenya got 113 votes against Djibouti which had 78 votes. For a country to be declared as victorious, it must garner at least two-thirds of the total votes which are in this case is 128.

UN Security Council

The voting will be repeated on Thursday, June 18, at the headquarters in New York City, USA.

President Uhuru Kenyatta joined in the campaign to convince the UN state members to vote for Kenya.

“I want to give you Kenya’s story. Kenya’s story is one that believes and trusts that together we are stronger. One that believes that through democracy, through respect for human life and through unity, more can be achieved than individually,” President Uhuru stated.

“We want you to believe in us. We want you to trust us. We want you to see our track record over the years. Stand with us as Kenya stands with you,” he added.

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