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Governor Mike Sonko Message On BBI Report: And Why He Supports 100%

Mike Sonko BBI

Mike Sonko: The journey that President Uhuru Kenyatta and your brother Raila Odinga embarked on since then has culminated to this important, Mike Sonko appreciate you for two things;

First, Nairobi was the worst affected of all counties by the political tensions that we experienced after the 2017 general elections.


Our traders and workers suffered constant disruptions, and this affected the Nairobi economy negatively, and by extension, the national economy. The handshake restored peace, and our people have been able to go about their businesses, and my administration has been able to focus on nothing else but serving the great people of Nairobi.

Secondly, the handshake brought down the political temperatures and animosity that was threatening to tear this country apart.

Mike sonko BBI

Except for a few elements who chose to go against your directive, all Kenyans of goodwill have been able to focus on development and nation-building, where you have been leading from the front.

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Now, Kenyans are more united than they were two years ago, and that is the country we all want so that we can remain economically and socially competitive.

Mike Sonko

Our memory is still vivid when we remember that Friday afternoon on March 9, 2018, when you, Mr. President, surprised all of us and emerged from the doors of Harambee House walking hand in hand with Baba Raila Odinga, an eventful day that culminated in the now-famous Handshake. That was the true leadership that Kenya was yearning for, and we shall be forever grateful.

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