If You Can’t Do These Seven Things As a Women, You will Forever Remain SINGLE, No One Can Risk Marrying You


A young man has shared his own point of view on what he likes about women and what a lady must be able to do before he can marry her as his wife. According to what this guy posted, He said;

I graduated from the University of Calabar. I have a good job that pays me well but has been at home as a result of the global pandemic. While at home during this global pandemic, I discovered that I am not getting any younger as I have not yet married. So I took my time to list out the 7 major things I need in a woman before I will marry her.

Here are the 7 major things men need in women he will love to marry;

1. You must be thick because I don’t like bones.

2. You must feed me by yourself anytime you prepare my food.

3. You will bath me every morning before I go to work, when I come back I can now bath by myself.

4. You will be sleeping in another room. We will only sleep in the same room once a week.

5. You must be ready to do all house chores because I don’t need a housegirl that will distract me.

6. We will have our first kid 3years after marriage, so you will have to endure.

7. You must know how to live an extravagant lifestyle because I will spoil you with money.

These are the 7 major things I need in a woman, so if you are a woman and you can’t do them, I will never marry you.

What do you think about what he said? As a guy, what do you want in your own woman? Kindly share with us by dropping your comments below.

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