Why Kibochi’s Appointment Might be a Gimmick Curtail Hustler Presidency.


After President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday Evening appointed General Robert Kariuki Kibochi as the Chief of Defence forces after the retirement of General Samson Jefwa Mwathethe, Kenyans have revealed past disclosure from patriots informing that it might be a ploy to curtail Second in Command William Ruto’s Presidency. But is this true?

Back in 2016, popular Blogger Dikembe Disembe had hinted that the rise of Kibochi Kariuki through the ranks of Kenya Defence Forces(KDF) was an alarming matter that every Kenyan should view with an inner eye.

Disembe asserted that in his view, it appeared as a trap from Mt.Kenya strongholds that would soon explode in curtailing Ruto’s Presidency, within time.

Disembe notified Kenyans that there is a need to mark his word for soon it will pass.

“The rise of Kibochi Kariuki through the ranks of #KDF appears to me to be an Mt. Kenya reaction to @WilliamsRuto presidency. MARK this tweet,” Disembe penned back in 2016.

Although Ruto’s Presidency was to happen in 2022, Kenyans did not take the words from Disembe in a serious note seeing that President Uhuru Kenyatta was still in unity with William Ruto running for Uhuru’s second term in 2017.

After Uhuru took power in his second term and everything remaining settled for getting the statements from Dikembe, Controversial Lawyer Miguna Miguna reiterated Dikembe’s remarks 3 years later.

Penning in 2019, Miguna who was a close ally to Raila Odinga who was formerly the Opposition Leader, asserted that it will one day dawn in Kenya seeing that Uhuru Kenyatta has plans to appoint one of his tribesmen as the Chief of the Defence Forces.

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Miguna did not hesitate to give his predictions asserting that it will be either Gen. Robert Kariuki Kibochi or Lt. Gen. Leonard Kariuki Ngondi.

“We know that Uhuru Kenyatta will appoint either Gen. Robert Kariuki Kibochi or Lt. Gen. Leonard Kariuki Ngondi as the Chief of the Defence Forces after Mwathethe’s exit. He postponed the appointment after Kenyans reacted furiously following the 13 out of 18 ambassadors,” Miguna penned back in 2019.

Former Presidential Strategist and Innovation Director, Dennis Itumbi had also revealed that back in 2018 a meeting was convened and the aim was to develop a strategy that would see William Ruto, not in power.

Itumbi revealed that there were four main points which were discussed in the event asserting that they were meant to drive out Ruto and completely finish him.

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