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Mr. President, Kenyans Are Tired Of You, They Have Entertained Your Incompetent For So Long…


Fellow Kenyans, we have a President who thinks he is our alpha and omega when it comes to reasoning! Our President opines we should never question him nor criticize him. When we do ask questions or offer critique, we do so out of anger and concern for our motherland. So let him know (I know he is reading this) that our love for Mama Kenya supersedes his noise towards us!

Who remembers the scandal at Ministry of Health when the President’s sister stole a whole contingent of containers meant for PWDs lakini nothing was done to her? Infact, we Kenyans made so much noise but hadi wa leo, the President’s sister was never called to DCI as is the norm and we know those containers are rotting somewhere in a depot! You remember?

As if that’s not enough, Uhuru after learning of the Shs 5B heist at the Ministry of Health at the hands of then PS Nicholas Muraguri, he chose to hide his head in the sand and instead of firing Muraguri, he transferred him to the lucrative Lands Ministry ndio akule ashibe anone vizuri! Mark you, Nicholas Muraguri while PS for Health was building a massive Sh 120m 5 star house in Mwireri village, Mweiga, Nyeri county. No one bothered to ask with which money好a sa iyo 5B ilikuwa ikekunywa maji! But our beloved President chose not to fire him but transfer him!


Mr President we have seen your modus operandi when dealing with people suspected of stealing or misusing public funds! As Kenyans, we have concluded you love thieves! We remember that there is a PS called Patrick Nduati Mwangi whom you transferred from the Ministry of Water to the Department of Industry and Enterprise Development after the said gentleman was involved in a controversy (over money of course) over the award of a contract for the 1st Phase of the proposed Thwake Dam in Makueni County. Alikula pesa but you Mr High and Mighty chose to see the other way. Is it because he is a kikuyu?

Mr President, do you remember Richard Ekai? He was the PS Ministry of Sports. This man is responsible for the mess in the management of Kenya’s team to the last Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The man is now in charge of the Correctional Facilities Department. A whole suspect of fraud and in court is in charge of a department that could house him if he’s ever found guilty不不不不. Yaani hii Kenya!

Mr. President, aren’t you in the habit of rewarding suspects instead of firing them when shit hits the fan in the ministries they ran? We all know you rewarded Wario with an ambassadorial post to Vienna.

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Mr. President, when former PS Omollo and the Ngiricis did a twa! twa! twa! with NYS funds安ho was the Minister in charge? When Omollo was arrested刑irector of NYS fired and arrested安hy in the name of everything holy did you spare the Minister in charge who is now in charge of Kirinyaga Resources ie Ann Waiguru? You want to tell us she didn’t know of the heist?

Mr President, Kenyans can give you so many examples of how skewed your fight against corruption is! How you apply favoritism! How they don’t trust you when it comes to fighting corruption! How they see politics in your fight against corruption! So please, spare us the mumbo jumbo that we shall know what happened to covid-19 funds! Tutajua and you won’t do anything about it! We see Kagwe transferring staff from Mafya House and you wonder, if they are suspected of dipping their hands in the cookie jar.why are they allowed to transfer their thievery to other ministries? But of course, in a land of godfathers.people are never fired nor taken to court if they have the right connections.

Hii pesa yetu ndio inatuma we make noise in these social media streets! Hujakasirika hadi level yetu Mr President. Na bado!

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