Kenyans, Don’t Wait For Government You are On Your Own on the Fight against Coronavirus.


The citizens feel they have been left on their own in the fight against coronavirus, they have many questions that their answers seem to beyond them.

Right now is surely the wrong time to discuss succession politics in the country, the timing is just wrong and the topic doesn’t sound right.

Kenyans will be expected to part heavily when buying a packet of flour as the price is set to escalate in the coming weeks. This is bad news for many who can’t even afford the flour on the current market price.

The current situation looks to get even tougher for the common citizens, oil marketers are conspiring to raise fuel prices in the coming weeks, they want to achieve this by maneuvering existing market rules and retain higher fuel costs.

If this happens, Kenyans will be left with no choice but forced to pay the high fuel prices even though the global prices are falling.

Most neighborhoods in the city are experiencing water shortage, taps have not leaked for the second week now, the situation is projected to continue as landslides have damaged the water transmission line, when the situation will end is yet to be known.

The common Kenyans, depend on this water to wash his hands, as many homesteads in the shanty areas cannot manage an alcohol-based sanitizer.

The Landlord-tenant question is yet to get answers, the people concerned have gone mum on this issue, breadwinners of most families have been out of work for two months now or the lucky ones are on half-pay. The little savings they had is now exhausted and with landlords getting impatient, the government is yet to come up with a plan for its citizens.

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