Is This The Main Reason Why Governor Joho Has Been So Silent all Along in Matters of Politics?

Governor Joho

Following the current political environment with realignments, betrayals, blame games, attacks, humiliations, and edging out leaders from their respective roles, many questions have arisen with many uncertainties on what are some of the next moves that people should expect from our politicians ahead of 2022 general elections.

Just some few days ago, the Laikipia member of Parliament who has been one of the top allies of Ruto, came to ditch Tangatanga camp after meeting with the ODM party leader Raila Odinga.

Now Madam Cate Waruguru had turned out to be Ruto’s enemy as she has been attacking him for disobeying Uhuru and betraying over 10 million Kenyans by forming a new party of Jubilee Asili.

This is just a clear example that in politics there are no permanent friends as well as permanent enemies, anything is possible in this field.

Now, most eyes are in Mombasa County governor Joho after being linked to Dp Ruto’s camp by the Kimilili member of Parliament, Didmus Barasa.

Governor Joho

Since the outbreak of the corona virus which led to the ban of any form of rallies including the Building Bridges Initiative rally, Governor Joho has really gone low in matters of Politics even when the country is still filled with politics allover amid Covid-19 pandemic.

And before the outbreak of the virus, he has been one of the top Leaders in the country hitting most headlines politically, now his silence has really raised many eyebrows.

This has made many Kenyans have some feelings of him betraying Raila and Join another political party is his term as a governor is likely to come to an end.

Others have been of opinion that the governor’s silence in politics is due to the outbreak of the coronavirus which has caught much of his attention other politics.

However, any possible doubt by many Kenyans of governor Joho’s next move has been cleared by the Kimilili member of Parliament Didmus Barasa.

On his latest tweet, he made yesterday, he stated that there are no permanent enemies in politics with a photo of governor Joho greeting Dr. William Ruto.

Here is the post;

This clearly indicates that Joho is likely to join Ruto in his new party of Jubilee Asili. And that’s why Didmus Barasa made the post following it with the slogan of ‘Sote Pamoja.’

We all know that governor Joho and Dp Ruto have been having bad blood in between but this cannot hinder them from being friends and work together in 2022.

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