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Why Echesa May End Up Like Jacob JUMA in Ruto’s Hands.

Ruto and Jacob Juma had obtained Kshs 20 billion from an international investor using the fake gold scam. Ruto took all the money because of his greedy behavior.

When Jacob Juma threatened to expose Ruto, he was silenced through dead which is known by all Kenyans.

Ruto , Echesa, Zaheer Jhanda, Nixon Korir, Murkomen, Oscar Sudi and others in the union of conmen and obtainers have been in the business of playing dirty non-existing business such as gold scam for more than 20years.

The fake gold scam and fake dollar currency is the business that Ruto has been doing together with his team of conmen as they own a godown at JKIA where they have fake gold and dollars on transit.

When an international investor whom they intent to con lands in Kenya, he or she is given a VIP escort from JKIA to Kempinski or intercontinental hotel where he is booked a presidential suite room for his stay in Kenya.

Once the client is shown sample tested and business transacted they intimidate the client who seems to be clever that’s one who realizes that the people are Conning him and he is deported back to his country after undergoing torture.

Many international innocent investors have been tortured at the watch of the police who are under the payroll of Cartels.
Harambee Annex has changed its roles from serving as the office of the deputy president into a den of robbers, conmen and obtainers.

When Ruto’s office was ranked number one in Corruption, Ruto called his loyal servants and conmen where he drew a big party for them at his Karen home.
The former CS Rashid Echesa has scam together with Ruto’s son Nick Ruto and daughter June is not new to the public as the family is known with a bad history of taking what does not belong to them by force.

Look at the case of Weston hotel. Ruto grabbed the land with IMPUNITY and using his office to silence those who demanded it back.

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