Exercising Won’t Make You Lose Weight if You Don’t Do These Things.

Lose Weight

A couple of times, people fail to realize how certain things works in the body or maybe they are ignorant on Lose Weight algorithms .

Beyond losing weight, it also involves staying healthy. You can lose up to 2kg in a day if you do it right. But a lot of times, people workout or do some exercise to burn calories, and after burning some, they gain even more.

Few things to help you Lose Weight are below:

1. When you exercise maybe, at night or early morning as you do it, inmediately go have your bath and wash away the sweats. There is a tendency that when it dries on your body, it also add fats to the body.

2. After exercise or workouts, make sure you eat warm or hot food, do not eat cold food. So that, as the warm or hot food goes in it also helps you sweat more and balance the calories you lost in the process of exercising or working out.

3. Ensure to have vegetables in everything you eat, for example you want to eat white rice and stew, make sure you add some vegetables to it. 

Vegetables helps clear your system and keep you refreshed and it helps balance your in food intake.

4. Eat less food. Don’t eat many at once, break it down, and eat little portions of food.

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5. Stop eating late night food. Anything past 7pm should be light food. E.g tea or very little portion of noodles.

Do these for few weeks and comment Lose Weight changes Below.

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