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Nyali Shopping Centre, The Billionaire Who Owns It

Kenyan Billionaire Who Owns Nyali Shopping Centre.

The name of this hardworking and ambitious Kalenjin man is David Langat. He is an all-around entrepreneur who is behind the ownership of the largest mall in the coastal region famously known as Nyali Shopping Centre which is located on 6.7 acres of land along Mombasa-Malindi highway in Nyali, Mombasa county.

Kenya’s list of billionaires is pretty brief and easy to remember. It includes individuals such as Equity’s Chairman Peter Munga, industrialists Chris Kirubi, Pradeep Paunrhana, Naushad Merali, and Manu Chandaria among other household names. But there is a billionaire who is little known to the majority of Kenyans. By all measures, David Langat plays in the billionaire’s league.

The hub offers a top-brand supermarket, restaurants, nightclubs, fast foods, shops, and showrooms. The shopping center is just amazing being equipped with beautiful and unique architectural features. It is the biggest commercial hub in Mombasa serving both local and international consumers.

Kenyan Billionaire Who Owns Nyali Shopping Centre.

David Langat is still one of the celebrated billionaires in Kenya who owns tea companies in the entire Rift Valley region, DL group of companies, and other shopping malls but the best one is Nyali Shopping Centre.

The man has really invested his brains in big projects like this of Nyali hence he earns from his own sweat. Congratulations to this brilliant mind.

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