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See Who Owns And Controls Nairobi Hospital?

Nairobi Hospital

For the past few days, Nairobi hospital has been a newsmaker for admitting high-profile leaders such as the former prime minister Raila Odinga and the late Ali Mahdi Mohamed.

Nairobi hospital is one of the most established health centers in country that has world class facilities.

The hospital which is situated in Upperhill was founded in 1954 as a European hospital. It was officially opened in April 9th, 1954.

It offers general medical services and is afffiliated to the Nairobi Hospital College of Health Sciences.

Nairobi Hospital

Some of the services offered at Nairobi hospital include accident and emergency Services, outpatient Medical and doctors consultation, laboratory services, X-rays, CT scans and Ultrasounds, travel, and routine vaccines.

Nairobi Hospital has succeeded in providing medical services for over sixty years now since it was founded. 

The top East African hospital is owned by more than 230 Kenya Hospital Association (KHA) members.

Nairobi Hospital

The hospital is managed by Dr. Allan Pamba who servers as the Chief Executive officer, Mr. Kenn Zarowiwa (Ag. Finance Director), Ms. Dorcas Kiai (Ag. Human Resources Director), Ms. Maryanne Wahito (Head, Marketing & Customer Service), Mr. Silas Mutuerandu (Ag. Head Of Support Services).

The Nursing Services is led by Mrs. Margaret Sirima, Sr. Caroline M. Mulanda (Director, Director, Outpatient Services), Dr. Aysha Edwards (Ag. Medical Director), Dr. Joan Osoro Mbui, (Inpatient Coordinator), Dr. Mary Kisingu (Chief Pharmacist), Chief Radiologist (Dr. Jeniffer Nabaweesi).

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