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Man Behind Magunas Supermarket, The Story Of Mr. Simon Wachira

Man Behind Magunas Supermarket, The Story Of Mr. Simon Wachira

Simon Wachira is a down-to-earth businessman who started as a hawker and now owns Magunas Supermarket chain among other business interests.

While he enjoys a wealthy life, it took him a lot of hard work and determination to be able to get to where he is. As challenging as his earlier life was, it did not stop him from rising to greatness.

Simon Wachira Early Life

The successful entrepreneur began his life in Kiburu village which is between Kirinyaga and Nyeri. Later, he moved to Murang’a.

In the 1980s, Simon Wachira worked in Mukuyu market as a hawker. Anyone who has been a hawker before can attest to how difficult the job is.

Most hawkers begin their day early moving from point A to B selling their wares, some even hawk when it is raining. Then, there is the other difficult task of convincing clients to buy your goods. 

Well, Wachira did this job and managed to save some money from his earnings. It is these savings that changed his life for the better. From the savings and a loan, he was able to start a small grocery shop.

His dreams seemed to be getting bigger and, thus, he did not stop at the shop. As the shop gained popularity, he established Maguna Andu Wholesalers which in time gave birth to Magunas supermarket.

Man Behind Magunas Supermarket, The Story Of Mr. Simon Wachira
Magunas Supermarket GODOWN Meru county

Magunas Supermarket

Shoppers are always looking to get a new and different experience. When it comes to supermarkets, people tend to look for quality and to visit different ones just to get a feel of the prices. 

Magunas Supermarket is actually in a class of its own, competing with some of the biggest and well-funded supermarket chains in the industry, such as Naivas and Quickmatt.

It grew from a single branch in the Kwa Maji area before spreading out to other parts of Mt. Kenya. Today it has branches in different parts, each strategically located.

The supermarket opened its doors in Kitui in 2016, at a time when the only big supermarket that had served the people in the area was Naivas, offering shoppers the chance to experience a different service.

Each of the other chains spread out in different parts, such as Nyeri, Meru, and Nairobi, have also been located in well thought of places. For example, the Kahawa Wendani branch is located along the Thika road highway and is only one of the two supermarkets serving the people in the area.

Simon Wachira the Philanthropy

As a successful businessman, he also gives back to the community. An article by The Standard explained how Simon Wachira made a truck load of food donations to a Catholic church in Murang’a in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

He is also described as a devout member of the church who never misses the Sunday service unless he is out of town. In the interview by The Standard, he only revealed snippets of his life saying the rest shall be revealed in a book he plans to write about his life.

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