Who Killed Cynthia Mwikali, The Lady Who Leaked Information on DP Ruto Beating His Wife?

Cynthia Mwikali

A lady by the name Cynthia Mwikali ,27 who is a steward of Deputy president Ruto’s Wife was on Friday 29th May found dead in a forest.

Cynthia Mwikali who is an employee of the Whitesand beach report went missing two weeks ago after she allegedly exposed information on Ruto beating his wife.

The lady is said to have disclosed to friends that Ruto’s wife has been seeking treatment help from a medical doctor after she got injured in an internal feud with Ruto.

For nearly the whole week, since Tuesday 26th May Kenyans woke up to a trending hashtag titled #RutoTheWifeBeater after allegations made rounds that the DP had domestically violated his wife, who were nursing injuries.

Shocking reports have alleged that Cynthia Mwikali’s body has been found in a thicket in Maungu, Tsavo East, Taita Taveta County. The badly mutilated body was discovered by boys who were on a hunting mission.

“We understand Cynthia Mwikali went missing a couple of weeks ago, it seems she was killed elsewhere and the body dumped here. The injuries are synonymous with torture. Her eyes were gouged out, her back was skinned and the tongue missing,” said Voi Deputy county Commissioner Mtivo Impala.

The information on the death of Cynthia Mwikali sparked a lot of reactions on social media as many questioned the cause of her death. Blogger Nyar Kisii was among the first people to reveal that the lady was found dead sparking a lot of comments from social media users.

Cynthia Mwikali is the one who allegedly started the rumours since she was the personal steward of Ruto’s wife,Rachel when she visited the resort.

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Cynthia Mwikali

According to her father Danvas Mukio, his daughter said that she was going to meet a colleague who was en route Nairobi from Mombasa to pick personal belongings since she was on a leave following the outbreak of Covid-19 in the country.

“Cynthia told us on Sunday evening that her friend was coming to Nairobi and they would meet in Machakos town the following day to pick some items. She had left Mombasa in a hurry and abandoned her personal effects with a friend, ” said Mukio.”On Monday evening at around 7 pm, I tried calling her but her phone went unanswered even though it was going through. I assumed she could have been in a matatu coming back home and decided to wait, ” he added clenching on her framed picture.

Mr. Mukio tried to reach Cynthia Mwikali again around midnight and this time her phone was switched off. They assumed she had run out of battery since she had left her charger on the socket.

They then decided to wait for her return the following day. She never showed up, prompting the family to report a missing person at Makueni Police Station.

Pictures making rounds on social media alleged that that was not the first time reports of Ruto’s wife facing domestic violence from DP William Ruto have cropped up. 

Cynthia Mwikali

In 2008, such reports cropped out, and the DP through Churchill show told off bloggers who he claimed were paid off to taint his name.

The DP stated that the alternative media space targeted his family by writing articles that always alleged he and his wife were at loggerheads.

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He stated that certain individuals aimed at tainting his name and alleged that he and his wife were having marital problems. The DP further praised his wife for not paying attention to what bloggers were saying.

“I am lucky I have an angel for a wife because of the kind of things they write about me… Even this woman (referring to Rachel Ruto) is supposed to be in Germany according to one of the gutter press.

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Oh, Ruto fought his wife because she tried to poison him, Ruto beat his wife because he has another girlfriend by the name Emmy Kosgei, you cannot imagine,” Ruto stated at the time.

Ruto has however remained silent in the recent reports trending on the internet.

Cynthia Mwikali

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