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Meet, Administrator Geoffrey Mosiria The Man Behind The New Face Of Pumwani Maternal Hospital.


While many illusions that only private hospitals offer state of art medical services, the dictum has further been proven wrong by one young and former Nairobi University Student leader Geoffrey Mosiria.

Geoffrey Mosiria has not only proven to the country that public hospitals can offer state of art medical services but has surprised Kenyans and left a bag of mixed social media reactions on how a young man with no medical school background at his prime years would transform Pumwani Maternity into a world-class facility.

The hospital that was once faced with challenges dating back to more than 50 years since its inception in1926.

A facility that was once reeling under claims of mismanagement, under-staffing, and low funding is now typified by good staffing, reduced waiting times and an overall reduction in maternal mortality across the country.

Administrator Geoffrey Mosiria

Geoffrey Mosiria

A young and vibrant Geoffrey Mosiria who even never studied medicine says when he was first given the call by one Mike Sonko to head the facility, he knew the Inside the walls of the hospital are tales of agony, sufferings, and misery that the staff and patients, who work and seek treatment at the facility respectively, go through.

At the newborn unit, a single incubator could play host to four babies instead of one. Inside the theatre room, there were only three machines where only two were working.

Mosiria’s first role was to sort out the quagmire of the broken machines before even embarking on how to work on the recommendations made to the country government at that time.

Administrator Geoffrey Mosiria

Administrative Job

The young administrator who has overseen the transformation says that unbridled greed by some healthcare providers and a blissful ignorance by purchasers have conspired to ensure that patients do not only buy more drugs than they need but also pay for them expensively, in some cases 33 times the international retail price.

He says this is what made him take an interest in matters of health. He says he purposely accepted the offer to be the administrator citing that he had a solution contrary to the opinions of many who thought that only a medic could sort out this mess in healthcare.

Mosiria laments that he could not stand the maternal deaths, worse some occurred in private hospitals. This is the sad story of Kenya’s broken healthcare market. The Government is but a silent bystander.

And the reason, Mr.Geoffrey Mosiria a health Administrator in Pumwani puts it, is that walking into a hospital to seek treatment is like getting into a supermarket not knowing the items you need.

Not only will the store manager decide the items you need and their prices, but he is also the one that will pocket the money.

Administrator Geoffrey Mosiria was more than compelled to come up with solutions than rely on a blame game and his deeds in pumwani hospital are conspicuous to both his allies and foes three years since his appointment.

Administrator Geoffrey Mosiria

Human Milk Bank

Under the young man, Nairobi became the first city in the East African region to have a state-of-the-art public Human Milk Bank currently in Pumwani, when Administrator Geoffrey Mosiria first brought this as a suggestion to the public lame light majority of the medics around the city more of thought that the young administrator was living in a fantasy world, little did they know that his words would one day turn to reality as it captured the eyes of the international community in particular. Administrator Geoffrey Mosiria had once again proved Kenyans that blame game is not the way to go but commitment is the way to go.

In one of the interviews with the nation, the young vibrant administrator says “We are tinkering around with uncoordinated, knee-jerk, short-term solutions,” and he says this was the reason why healthcare has stalled.

Today when one walks into the gates of Pumwani, it is more than a village elevated canteen turned into a state of art and world-class facility with a modern working theatre comprised of four wings, a well equipped Newborn Unit, and a High Dependency Unit.

HDU unit in Pumwani

What has gotten the eye of Kenyans most is the HDU unit in Pumwani that has breath a sigh of relief, Whereas doctors, in keeping with the Hippocratic Oath, are required to urgently attend to patients in need of emergency services such as being placed under Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the Financial Standard found that most hospitals apart from public and missionary facilities have insisted on the patients depositing a certain amount of money as a pre-condition to being treated. They have blamed this on the increasing cases of default.

On the other end, a mother delivering but turns out to have complications related to birth doesn’t need such amounts of cash to get the facilities in this center of excellence. Mosiria insists that HDU services should be a property in any public hospital as the burgeoning costs of healthcare may drive poverty into so many households, worse he says this should not happen to expectant mothers who have no choice.

An Investigation done last year by the Financial Standard established that there is a huge demand for deposit across all the major hospitals. At Nairobi Hospital, the deposit required for ICU stands at about Sh600,000, the same as for Mater Hospital, while MP Shah’s stands at Sh450,000.


Bed charges at the ICU facilities per day range between Sh35,000 and Sh45,000. At the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH), deposit for high Dependency Unit (HDC) stands at Sh200,000, while bed charges per nightstand at Sh15,000.

Deposit for normal admission at its private wing stands at Sh150,000 where bed charges per night are Sh4,000. Mosiria says that goodwill from the Nairobi governor and several consultative meetings aided in coming up with a solution to admit mothers in the facility.

Kenya’s first lady Margaret says she is ready to make a visit to the facility and meet the former Nairobi University student leader cum current Pumwani Maternity Hospital for formal sessions on improving maternal health care across the country which will be in line with WHO recommendations of improving healthcare by reducing the maternal mortality.

Kenya’s healthcare system has been on a rollercoaster. Lack of proper equipment ‘and expertise, poor service delivery ‘and inadequate medication are some of the challenges the sector has suffered but for Pumwani Maternity Hospital, at least one can walk out shoulder high for the state of art services offered despite its image as a public facility.
Mosiria has proven that proper systems are the solution to the ailing healthcare system and not only matters to do with market regulation and staffing.

Administrator Geoffrey Mosiria


He says any institution must always prioritize its workers because this is what will ensure quality service delivery to the clients, but what Kenyan institutions are typified of is putting clients as the center of profits and growth leaving a poorly motivated workforce wincing in pain due to poor working conditions.

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