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Who is God? How do we know there is God? Mary Prude & Willis Raburu.


Well, so many people out there will sail with me in stamping out that God’s existence is undisputable whatsoever.

Mary Prude & Willis Raburu have decided to taint God and to fight him with every allegation that will smear his goodness and make him look really bad.

After losing their daughter (may she rest in peace), Mary Prude came first claiming that God abandoned her during her time of need.

Mary Prude laid a categorical utter that there is no God and if there is she wouldn’t want to be associated with him. A couple of days later, Willis joined her in spreading the hatred against God.

Now here is my two cents of unsolicited advice to the couple; To start with, there is God and God is there in and out of season.

Secondly, God gives life and he takes it at will our wishes and stands notwithstanding. We can’t define God by only looking at occurrences in our lives! He existed before we were even thought of.

Thirdly, the same God you think you are fighting is holding your hearts and breathes! He knows every tiding in this life and doesn’t take orders from any individual!

Willis Raburu, let God be God!

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